Taming The Gas Monster

Taming The Gas Monster

Taming The Gas Monster

Yep, the price of gas is enough to make a grown man cry, almost. I know. I’m a grown man, and I well up every time I slide my debit card through the slot in one of those danged gas pumps, looking so much like a smug alien life form with a long tube stuck in its ear. I feel my teenage daughter’s pain when she laments how much of her meager part-time paycheck goes to keeping gas in her 1994 Honda. It sucks.

Billions of words have been written and spoken about the dreadful state of gas supplies and the ever-increasing cost of oil. Fingers pointed, curses uttered, lamentations wailed. It’s a sad thing to see a whole nation brought to its emotional knees by a dark, yucky goo. But, here we are.

Okay, there is some solace to be had by employing new technologies, such as electric hybrids and Hydrogen-On-Demand. And, for the eternally optimistic, there is a teeny pinpoint of light at the end of that long, dark, gooey tunnel when we consider that some day (hopefully in our collective lifetimes), there will be fuel efficient cars manufactured by some one, somewhere in the world and that we’ll be able to afford them.

But that isn’t going to do a darn thing to help me pay for my next trip to the beach, or help my daughter pay for her next trip to the mall. Still, I shall not go quietly! And rather than just growl and rattle the freshly painted fences of the political-industrial oil-fueled country club, I’m going to gird up my financially-eviscerated loins and do battle with that ugly, unyielding Gas Monster. Grrrrrrr.

I’m going to save gas. That’s right. I’m going to withhold my love, and doggedly squeeze every possible mile I can from my tank, thumbing my nose at that alien life form with a long hose stuck in its ear. Here are six things I’m going to do, just in case you want to join me in this battle for the freedom to drive unafraid.

Kill The Jack Rabbit. According to the USDOT, the single biggest waster of fuel is those abrupt “jack-rabbit” lurches that people do when leaving a red light or stop sign. At 25% efficiency, gas engines are already the most wasteful technology in the industrialized world, and when you floor the accelerator you reduce the already-meager efficiency of that engine by as much as 50%. What’s up with that craziness, anyway? Not only does it startle my aging brain, it’s dangerous and rude. Where the heck are you going? What, you just can’t wait to get to the next light? Rela-a-a-ax on the take-off. The world will be calmer, you’ll reduce pollution and you’ll use a LOT less gas.

Smooth Out The Ride. The next most wasteful driving tactic is what has come to be known as “aggressive” driving. You know, those morons that like to rush up behind you, riding your tail and then zooming by you when you switch lanes, all the while perched smugly behind the wheel. It’s almost like some form of societal penis envy, except I see as many women doing it as men. Have you ever ridden with one of those quacks? My God, it’s nerve-racking! And stupid. Something like 60% of all traffic accidents in heavily congested driving areas is a result of this anti-social behavior. C’mon, be kind to your fellow drivers and your wallet. Keep it steady on the road.

Slow Down. Yes, you’ve heard it before. We’ve all heard it before. But, dang it, we’re just obsessed with getting there faster, wherever “there” is. Aside from the fact that your heart will appreciate a slower pace, you can dramatically reduce your gas consumption. According to research done by the engineers at “How It Works”, the fuel efficiency difference between driving at 50 mph and driving at 80 mph can be as much as 50%! Can you say “OUCH!”? Don’t go overboard here and become one of those rubber-necking sight-seers on the highway. Those same engineers caution that going too slow can also be inefficient. Today’s car engines are designed to be driven efficiently between 35 and 60 mph. Above or below that starts eating into your wallet.

The “Tire-Gauge” Effect. Okay, this is not a political comment, but the truth is, keeping your tires properly inflated is a damn fine energy strategy, regardless of how much political fodder it provides. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, you can improve your gas mileage by 3 – 5 percent by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure. Plus, under-inflated tires wear out a lot quicker and have to be replaced. And guess what. 28% of the basic passenger tire is manufactured from petroleum products, aka OIL! Air is cheap. Gas and oil are not. Don’t be a dummy.

Air Is Good. In fact, without it your engine won’t work at all. Without getting too technical, it’s important to note that as inefficient as a car engine is, it does its job a lot better when it has an abundant supply of air. This is even more important with cars manufactured after 1996, because the On Board Diagnostic system is programmed to require a certain air-gas mixture to run properly. When you mess with the air supply, the OBD steps in and assumes there’s something wrong with the engine and responds with a tad more gas to compensate. If the airflow gets bad enough, the OBD will alert you with a warning light, but you can burn through a LOT of gas before that happens. Keep your filter clean.

Reduce Friction. I’ve already mentioned that 75% of energy potential in gasoline is wasted in a typical gas engine. A big part of that waste comes from friction between the engine parts. That’s why we put oil in our cars. If a car runs out of oil, the engine will literally freeze up. If a car gets low on oil, or if the lubricating ability of the oil (called viscosity) gets broken down, the engine will continue to run, but it generates a LOT more heat and it takes more energy to keep the part moving. Waste, waste, waste. Not having the proper oil level in your engine is kind of like walking around with sand in your underwear. You can do it, but man it’s painful and awkward. Engines feel pain too, sort of. Be kind to your engine. Check your oil regularly and get it changed on time.

You’ll notice that none of these tactics require you to spend much money. Other than buying a clean air filter and a few quarts of oil, it’s all a matter of style. And that style can save you as much as 25% when it comes to the amount of gas you use. Granted, we won’t kill the Gas Monster with these methods, but we can slow his hungry ass down a bit. I’ll go for that.

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How to Replace a Lost Driving Licence

How to Replace a Lost Driving Licence

How to Replace a Lost Driving Licence

Unfortunately, if you are lose your driving licence then there are certain procedures that you will have to go through and get a replacement document. It is very necessary to replace your lost driving licence as early as you can. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have several ways that you can use to replace a lost driving licence. You can replace it online, over the telephone or by post.

Replacing a lost driving licence Online:

You can replace your license by using online services. Applying online is the most convenient way to replace a lost driving document. In order to apply online you will have to set up a user account. You must pay 20.00 by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta debit or credit card. If you order online, you will get your replacement permit within ten business days.

You can replace your driving licence online if you:

– If you have lost your licence or it has been stolen or destroyed – You are a resident of Great Britain – You can fulfill the minimum eyesight requirement – are currently not prevented from driving for any reason – You have a valid UK passport or another identity proof – You can provide previous addresses details

The DVLA will check your documents and after verified your documents, and then sent the replacement. You will not apply online if your name has changed. Therefore you first to use D1 application form to apply for your name change and post it. If you want to renew your photo on your licence, you must provide a UK passport issued within the last five years.

Apply by phone:

You can apply by phone to replace your photocard driving licence, if your details have not changed. Driving licence replacement fee is 20.00 and DVLA accept MasterCard, Visa or Eurocard credit or debit cards. The DVLA telephone number is 0300 790 6801 and lines are open in Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 7.00 pm; Saturday 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. You can’t apply by phone if you have you are a paper licence holder or your photo is due to expire or has expired.

Apply by post:

You can apply for replacement by post. For this, you will fill D1 application for a driving licence form available on DVLA or post office branches. Application and Fee sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AB

If you have a paper driving licence, you can apply by post. You will need to Fill D1 driving license application form available from DVLA ordering service or post office branches. You need to enclose original documents to confirm your identity, a passport size photo and sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AB or or DVLA local offices or use the premium checking service at selected Post Office branches. If your documents have been defected then your paper licence not replaces.

Buy Truck GPS Tracking for Your Heavy Hauling Trucking Company

Buy Truck GPS Tracking for Your Heavy Hauling Trucking Company

Buy Truck GPS Tracking for Your Heavy Hauling Trucking Company

Owning a heavy hauling trucking company is a major responsibility. At times it is hard to keep tabs on all of your vehicles. It is even harder to know that your truckers are where they should be, performing what they are supposed to be performing. There is clearly some measure of trust that is essential in a work like this, but it is an excellent security measure to include truck GPS tracking to the vehicles you own. There are quite a few reasons why buying a truck GPS tracking system is an excellent idea. It is nice for you to know where your hauling trucks have been in case something occurs and one of your truckers is blamed of a crime. Owning a system like this may be helpful if you have insurance on your hauling trucks for theft.

If one of your heavy trucks occur missing, it will not be too hard to trace it as long as the system is functioning correctly. One of the tools that these systems can present is accountability. If a driver is speeding, you can discover out about it. You can as well be informed about their breaks and as soon as they begin and end the day. It would do away with time loss incurred once workers run personal tasks on company time, once a driver gets lost on the way to their destination, or because of unexpected traffic or weather conditions. It would as well offer up to the minute time of delivery estimates for said firm’s clients. As you care about truck GPS tracking systems, you will want to be concerned about a few things before purchasing one.

Search for a company that has a good standing, good technicians that go after tracked trucks, and have reasonably priced parts and services. The standing of a truck GPS tracking company is something to think about. It might be an excellent idea to talk to further owners or managers of heavy hauling trucking companies to see if they have utilized any tools like this. You can as well search for reviews online where you will likely find quite a few reviews for the tools you are considering. The technicians that are with a firm are another consideration. It is very important that they know how to precisely work the equipment in order that you will get precise reports on the performance of your truckers.

There should at all times be someone available to answer any inquiries you might have. Affordability is as well something to consider. Make certain that the price of the actual tool as well as the service presented is affordable. You may be a large business, but you still need to look at the cash that you are spending. After considering your selections, optimistically you will have found the truck GPS tracking for your heavy hauling trucking that works for you. It might take a bit research, but you will be happy that you took the time and problem as soon as one of your trucks ends up lost or a driver is blamed of a crime.

Best Tops For Every Jeep, Trucks And Suv Owners

Best Tops For Every Jeep, Trucks And Suv Owners

Best Tops For Every Jeep, Trucks And Suv Owners

Did you know that Jeeps, 4x4s and trucks have always been known for their abilities off-road? And they are also popular with its endurance. It is the reason why vehicle owners put much effort in putting accessories and modifying their rides to make it more appealing compare to the others.

Now, Jeeps are widely open, jeep enthusiast look for the most suitable tops for their vehicles. It is another way to jazz up your rugged vehicle and a sure way to protect you and your passengers against accident. These best tops vehicle make can be used and installed for jeep, truck and SUV’s. Whatever weather you may encounter on the road, you are assured that your top got you covered.

Do what you think is the most affordable and most practical modification in your rig. Doing an overhaul in your exterior by adding a top that will give you an eye-catching vehicle and a more comfortable ride is one good tip. It is not only your protection from inevitable weather and corrosion. It will also prevent your vehicle’s rig from unwanted damages due to pollution, air pressure and other elements.

Forget old stuff, out of style Jeeps or trucks behind. Now is the time to jazz it up, make a good modification and put a magic touch on it. Put a bestop vehicle make and other accessories that will not only provide style and elegance, but also various benefits on your rig’s functionality.

A lot of reliable online and offline parts and accessories stores are out there. Be sure to find the right tops that will exactly fit to your type of vehicle and those that are easy to assemble and maintain.

How To Fight Driving Phobia?

How To Fight Driving Phobia?

How To Fight Driving Phobia?

Driving phobia is basically the fear of driving that arises because of an accident or a bad experience that conditions the brain to identify driving with impending danger. Many people suffer from such driving fear and as a result, they become incapable of driving and have to depend on others to drive them to work and to other places.

Disadvantages Of Driving Phobia

If a person attempts to drive when his brain is conditioned to anticipate danger, it releases certain hormones triggering a response that is designed for a survival mode. Although such a response might be desirable in other circumstances, it is certainly not required when a person is driving because the body will experience different levels of anxiety conditions.

The other symptoms of driving phobia are shaking, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, hearing and sight impairment, fast breathing and feeling lightheaded. Driving under such conditions can endanger the lives of the driver as well as of other people. If a person suffers from driving phobia, he will be at a great disadvantage because his movements will be restricted. Moreover, the person will experience loss of self-confidence that will prevent him from progressing in life.

Treatment Of Driving Phobia

In order to get over such a situation, it is essential to undergo therapy or take a self-help program. Many programs are available online but the affected person should browse different websites and choose the one that seems to be reliable and appealing to him.

The main aim of any therapy or self help program is to re-orient the brain to disassociate it from driving anxiety and to retrain it to associate

enjoyment with driving. Moreover, in order to reduce any type of driving fear and to reduce a rapid heartbeat, the person can ask his friend to accompany him and help him to keep calm, do some breathing exercises and enjoy his favorite music to soothe him while driving.

It is essential that immediate action should be taken to treat driving phobia because it can become worse if it is left untreated for long.

Moreover, the affected person might become permanently incapable of driving and this can be quite a disadvantage. As such, it is essential that certain online programs are adopted that will involve behavioral and mental conditioning. Although certain drugs and medication might be able to control physical symptoms to some extent, they cannot cure the phobia.

The ideal remedy is to undergo behavioral and mental conditioning that will identify the situations that cause the phobia and then subject the phobia to those conditions. The brain will be made to go through the fear without being able to get away from the situation. In this way, it will get more accustomed to the fear of those situations and when the person faces them again in real life, he will have gotten used to them and become capable of facing them.

All that is needed to achieve success in getting rid of driving phobia is to adopt a suitable online program and show some determination and courage. Driving phobia is not something that cannot be treated because with the right program, it can be cured permanently. It is merely a mental state that is not permanent and it only needs to be corrected for which the person has to use his will power.

2007 Gmc Sierra

2007 Gmc Sierra

2007 Gmc Sierra

General Motors introduces its all-new, 2007 GMC Sierra ? comprehensively redesigned pickup that incorporate new exterior and interior design, and powertrain, chassis and safety systems. The vehicle take GM’s truck legacy to a new level. Sierra leads the segment in performance, efficiency, capability, refinement and safety. The new truck offers more power and better fuel economy than the vehicle that replaced.

GMC Sierra is offered with three cab styles, three cargo box lengths and several specially tuned suspensions. All have distinct identities, including brand-exclusive sheet metal and design cues yet share fundamental traits that support segment-leading capability, quality and performance.

The broad range of configurations and models gives customers tremendous choice when selecting a vehicle to suit their needs, particularly with the heavy-duty models, which some competitors simply do not offer. Capability also is unmatched, with a strengthened chassis and enhanced towing package enabling the light-duty segment’s best towing capacity of 10,500 pounds (4,763 kg).

GMC Sierra light-duty models will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2006. Sierra heavy-duty models are available in the first quarter of 2007. The heavy-duty trucks offer new sleek designs and spacious interior features like light-duty models, but with increased capability ? including more powerful gas and diesel engines.

Sierra is sleeker and more aerodynamic, including a faster, 57-degree windshield angle, reducing wind noise and improving fuel economy. Wider, segment-leading front and rear tracks and a tailored wheel-to-body relationship provide a stance that is both muscular and agile. The truck is more refined looking, too, with doors that extend over the rockers for a smooth, uninterrupted look, and lamps that have a jeweled appearance. Tolerances between panels are greatly reduced ? including a 50-percent reduction in the space between the cab and cargo box.

The all-new GMC Sierra is quieter, more spacious and refined inside, with increased passenger comfort and storage space. Sierra features a new and distinct interior design that reflects its respective brand identity, including specific trim, appointments and gauge cluster appearance.

The fourth generation of the legendary small-block V-8 engine family is the power behind GM’s all-new full-size trucks, delivering segment-leading horsepower and fuel economy through advanced technology such as Active Fuel Management (AFM) and variable valve timing (VVT). A FlexFuel engine is available ? and partnered with fuel-saving AFM ? giving customers the choice of powering their truck with E85 ethanol, gasoline or a combination of both fuels.

GM’s fuel-saving Active Fuel Management bolsters the trucks? capability with the segment’s best fuel economy. Highway fuel economy for models equipped with the 5.3L AFM V-8 now are estimated at more than 20 mpg for both 2WD and 4WD models.

Road Sensors Mean Learners Must Master Parking

Road Sensors Mean Learners Must Master Parking

Road Sensors Mean Learners Must Master Parking

The new road sensors will track vehicles as they enter and leave parking spaces. The devices have been developed so that information on available spaces will be fed to smart phones and digital tablets using an app. This seems reasonable but there is a danger of people using their devices when actually driving around looking for a space. There are many campaigns dedicated to curbing the use of mobile phones whilst driving owing to the ever increasing number of accidents caused by this behaviour. Providing information to hand held devices makes their use a necessity for finding a parking space whilst driving.

Another use of the road sensors is to notify traffic wardens when parking time has expired and the owner of the vehicle is then liable to a fine. This is seen as many motorists as an excuse to raise cash as traffic wardens can then lie in wait to issue a parking ticket. Many people park in unsafe positions as a result of poor knowledge regarding parking restrictions and lack of skill in manoeuvring a vehicle. Parking regulations can be complicated with differences for time of day, spaces provided for loading and unloading and street signs which can be difficult to see and easy to ignore by people in a hurry. Parking regulations are given lip service on the theory test with no real practice of reversing into a tight gap given on driving lessons. Instructors need to make sure that learners understand road markings and signs on practical lessons.

The road sensors can be used to show how many vehicles use a particular street with higher charges set to be imposed on more heavily used streets. Drivers may seek streets with lower parking charges creating a bigger safety problem and annoying local residents. Parking for the purposes of the driving test is never into a gap, but behind one car and finishing within a certain distance. As roads become more crowded higher levels of skill and judgement are needed to safely put the car into a space ensuring it does not stick out and there is no damage to other vehicles. The driving test method of parking takes away the risk of damaging another vehicle but does not prepare pupils for backing into a space in busy urban areas and this should to be covered in lessons.

Local councils must to keep in mind that parking restrictions are in place to improve road safety by keeping junctions and sight lines clear. If motorists see this system as a means of fund raising then the important safety message is lost. Privately owned premises are beginning to use the system to monitor their car parks which may be an issue for driving instructors who are forced to use these to practice the bay parking manoeuvre.

Baby Benz’ Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Baby Benz’ Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Baby Benz’ Celebrates 25th Anniversary

This year is the 25th anniversary of the original Mercedes-Benz 190 which is branded as the baby Benz in the range. The Mercedes-Benz 190 may be little but it has been able to make big changes in Stuttgart and across the entire automotive industry.

Juergen Hubbert, branded as ?Dr. Mercedes? and former boss of the Teutonic brand recalled that the launching of the baby Mercedes led to an intense debate. It should be noted that back in the 1980s, the definition of luxury car only applies to the likes of the big Benz S-Class and slightly smaller sized E-Class. Any size smaller than the accepted size for luxury cars are already sacrilegious to the segment. However that was before the wake of the second Mideast oil crisis. When the oil prices started increasing the consumers started demanding for more fuel efficient and smaller vehicles—that’s when the baby Mercedes Benz 190 was born.

It is not actually surprising why some folks at Mercedes Benz where afraid of producing baby Benz. First of all, Mercedes Benz is a brand that is renowned for producing luxury vehicles and high quality Mercedes parts such as its range of Mercedes clutch and creating an economical, small size Benz is something that will definitely affect brand image. Luckily for Mercedes Benz since it turned out that its customers cared more for quality rather than the mere luxury features that Mercedes vehicles possess so it was not hard for the German brand when it finally launched its baby Mercedes Benz 190 in the market.

Actually what Mercedes Benz did was to downsize the S-Class and create a small version basing on its concept. The 190 is a far cry from the luxury Mercedes vehicles that people have for years associated with the brand. As a fact, the most basic 190 models were equipped with cloth seats that come with mechanical adjusters less the electronic and mechanical particulars that are normally associated with a Mercedes vehicle. The wood and leather used yielded to inexpensive plastic. And that’s not all! The exterior design was so clunky and awkward. If you think that is worst just wait till you see the interior layout which was unpleasantly inefficient. It has very little or no legroom for back seat passengers. For a luxury brand to create just a dismal baby may be considered rather ironic.

Despite the flaws that the baby Benz possess it has become an immediate hit with consumers around the world. The explanation for this is quite obvious; Mercedes Benz has build a reputation rooted on quality and performance which means that whatever vehicle it will produce buyers will always have this notion that if it’s Mercedes then it must be a quality car. Luckily for the baby Benz since its parent has built for it quite a reputation which helps it to survive.

The baby Benz may lack all the luxury features that his other big siblings possess but it has been successful in demonstrating that size should never be made as an issue in measuring a luxury car. Baby Benz has led the most dramatic change that the automotive industry has ever seen. Back in the early ?80s its possible to count the marque of various models on one hand but today you will surely run short of fingers and toes with the wide range of models that Mercedes Benz has including the classic S and E, the 190’s descendant the C-Class, the SLK, SL, and SLR, the CLK and CL and the list goes on.

1 Ton Dump Truck

1 Ton Dump Truck

1 Ton Dump Truck

If you are in the market for the used Mack trucks to help with your business or city works, but are at a loss for where to find a used one, then check out these places to help you get the dump truck suited to your needs.

Mack trucks are not like regular motor vehicle for the fact that they are designed for garbage removal. They are much larger in size than your every day motor vehicle, and require much more power and fuel to operate at maximum efficiency. Since the Mack truck is not like the every day motor vehicle, your choices for finding one suited to your needs are limited to special manufacturers and resellers.

The makers of dump trucks typically sell only these kinds of vehicles, or other high end large vehicles created for a specific purpose such as the constructive industrie’s CAT’s. The most common method used to purchase a truck is through a local seller. More often than not if you don’t live in a large town or a town that has a dealership, then you will have to branch out into the surrounding larger cities. Doing a search around town, or in a phone book is a very effective way for you to locate and find a used one for sale or a dealership. When it comes to the purchasing process of a used one, you can prepare yourself for having to make a long trip out of town to a specific seller, or arrange some type of deliver with the dealer.

Similar to buying locally or in person, you can also find a used truck through an internet search. You can utilize the internet to either help you locate a seller within your area, or run a search for sellers across the country to maybe do a little comparison into prices and quality. As with buying out of town, you will either have to arrange a delivery of it to your area, or have to take the trip to wherever it is located and drive it back. The internet is a great tool to help you find a used one because it allows you a much wider marketplace and fast access to sellers across the country.

Overall if you are in the need for a used Mack truck, check out what you can find either locally or on the internet to help satiate your need.

Jeep Tops: Anatomy Of A Jeep Top

Jeep Tops: Anatomy Of A Jeep Top

Jeep Tops: Anatomy Of A Jeep Top

Jeep tops are fairly universal Jeep accessories in that everyone from casual Jeep owners to hardcore off road enthusiasts has some basic knowledge of what they’re about.

But Jeep tops can get more complicated that one might think, and while it’s hard to go wrong when making a purchase, having an intimate knowledge about them can go a long way in extending the benefits.

For this reason, we?ve dissected nearly every imaginable Jeep top to take an in-depth look at what makes them must-have Jeep accessories.

Which Jeep Top?

It’s an age old question; perhaps one that has been asked since the time of the dinosaurs. Not really, but choosing a Jeep top has always been a decision that requires a fair amount of thought.

At first glance, choosing a top seems pretty simple. The features are all plainly stated, pictures give you an idea of what to expect looks-wise, and your particular environmental situation further dictates which one you need.

But there are also many factors that aren’t taken into account when shopping for a Jeep top. Intangibles like installation and frame style are examples of lesser-known aspects, while things like road noise or insulation are factors that can only be experienced firsthand.

With this in mind, I?ll do my best to cover aspects that are typically unaccounted for.

Factory versus Aftermarket Jeep Tops

When it really comes down to it, there isn’t a huge discrepancy between what both factory and aftermarket tops have to offer.

A factory Jeep top will give you that genuine Jeep look and feel, plus the added security of sticking to true Jeep accessories that follow the same standard of quality as the vehicle itself. Aftermarket tops are for the most part similar to factory units, but with a few exceptions.

Although both versions of Jeep tops are made from the same materials, equivalent quality, and with the same purpose in mind, aftermarket tops offer certain features, benefits, or other Jeep accessories that you might not get out of factory units.

For instance, certain aftermarket tops have been optimized to reduce road noise better than a factory one. Also, in the event that your Jeep top needs replacing, aftermarket replacement options are typically cheaper than factory tops. For these reasons, aftermarket options usually make for favorable Jeep accessories when replacing aging factory tops.

Narrowing It Down

The first and most obvious way to categorize Jeep tops in terms of need is by splitting up hardtops and soft tops. Clearly, the two styles are distinctive enough that each one serves its purpose in different ways.

Jeep Hardtops Hard-style Jeep tops are a never-fail option. They rarely if ever need replacing and provide enhancement and heavy duty protection. In addition, they offer a number of handy Jeep accessories, like power windows, a rear window defroster, and more. Hardtops come in a one-piece model, or a two-piece configuration with a removable sunroof. On the flipside, Jeep hardtops are not easily removed and stored for those who enjoy open-air summertime driving. Hardtop hoists and storage-based Jeep accessories are available, but require added purchases. Jeep Soft Tops For those who love customizability with their Jeep accessories, soft tops are the way to go. Available in a variety of designs, Jeep soft tops offer the kind of versatility, comfort, and style that justify a Jeep purchase in the first place. Plus soft tops are easy to install, remove, or store. On the other hand, soft Jeep tops aren’t exactly ideal for colder weather. Their thinner material and fabric construction leaves them with poor insulation, and also gives them an average lifespan of only 3 to 5 years before requiring replacement.

Upon Further Review…

On the other hand, soft Jeep tops aren’t exactly ideal for colder weather. Their thinner material and fabric construction leaves them with poor insulation, and also gives them an average lifespan of only 3 to 5 years before requiring replacement.

Jeep Hardtops

When it comes to hardtops, making a choice and meeting the requirements for installation is relatively easy, and getting the right Jeep top is usually a simple matter of picking either a one or two-piece top.

Two-Piece Hardtops The two-piece hardtop is the definitive Jeep top for year-round performance in any climate. On one hand, you get the protection and insulation of a full-fledged hardtop during the winter. Then for warmer weather conditions, the cockpit features a removable roof piece for open-air driving. In addition, hardtop Jeep tops come with a vast assortment of unique features and Jeep accessories like a fiberglass-reinforced plastic composition for durability, an in-mold gel coating for fade resistance, rear window vents, a rear window defroster, tinted tempered glass windows, an overhead dome light, and much more. One-Piece Hardtops In addition, hardtop Jeep tops come with a vast assortment of unique features and Jeep accessories like a fiberglass-reinforced plastic composition for durability, an in-mold gel coating for fade resistance, rear window vents, a rear window defroster, tinted tempered glass windows, an overhead dome light, and much more.

Jeep Soft Tops

Soft tops are where matters can get a little confusing.

To start, it is necessary to determine whether or not you have a pre-existing frame, and whether it’s in usable condition. Remember that the frame is the backbone of your soft top, and therefore a worn, rusted, or misshapen frame can cause your Jeep top to install improperly, or perhaps not perform as expected.

If you do have a frame already in place, you next need to find out if it’s a factory or aftermarket frame. This will ultimately help you narrow down which aftermarket Jeep top options are available to you, since certain Jeep tops are only compatible with particular frame styles.

For those without a Jeep top frame altogether, an aftermarket Jeep top kit that includes both the Jeep top and hardware system to set it up is suggested.

Pre-Existing Factory Frame Jeep Tops

These Jeep tops are designed exclusively for use with Jeep vehicles that have a pre-existing factory frame in usable condition.

Replace-A-Tops For a fast, efficient, and inexpensive soft Jeep top solution, Replace-A-Tops make updating your old, worn factory top simpler than ever. The Replace-A-Top is a basic Jeep top skin that easily slips on and off your factory frame. Each kit includes only the Jeep top fabric with optional clear or tinted windows, and the Jeep tops themselves are built to factory standards, or better. Additionally, the Replace-A-Top includes a host of other fine features, such as premium fabric construction, mildew and UV resistant material, industrial strength thread, heat sealed seams, and much more. Trusted Jeep tops manufacturers Bestop, Rugged Ridge, and Smittybilt each offer perfectly reliable and inexpensive Replace-A-Top models. Bestop also offers a premium option in their Replace-A-Top Jeep top made out of revolutionary Sailcloth fabric to help improve insulation and drastically reduce road noise over factory Jeep tops. Halftops For a sporty two-seater look and feel there’s nothing quite like a Halftop Jeep top. Combining components of several other styles, the Halftop is the perfect hybrid of unique style and rugged function. The Halftop includes all the usual soft top functions and Jeep accessories like mildew and UV resistant-fabric, a convenient fold back sunroof, zip-out windows, and much more, but then also incorporates all of this into an unconventional sporty look. The Halftop Jeep Top from Bestop is actually something of an exception when it comes to having the right hardware for installation. It can accommodate those who have a pre-existing factory hard or soft top frame, or for those who have no frame at all. Halftop Jeep tops are available exclusively from Bestop.

No Frame or Aftermarket Frame Jeep Tops

These Jeep tops are compatible with Jeeps that have either no soft top frame whatsoever, or a pre-existing aftermarket frame.

Supertop You wouldn’t think from the sleek design and intuitive features that the Supertop Jeep top has followed mostly the same formula for decades. Sold as a complete package with all necessary mounting hardware and Jeep accessories to get your started, a Supertop is a simple yet dependable solution for adding a soft top to an open-top Jeep. Its ‘set-N-Stretch? fabric won’t fade or warp regardless of temperature, and the zip-out replaceable windows come in clear or tinted. The Supertop also gives you a variety of other premium features like mildew and UV resistant fabric, industrial strength thread, heat sealed seams, heavy duty molded-tooth zippers for easy window installation and removal, and powder-coated rust-resistant frame hardware to ensure long frame life. Best of all, using the Supertop framework, you can easily change out your top skin for a bikini top, or remove it altogether for open-air driving. The Supertop Jeep top is available exclusively from Bestop, and is available in a complete kit with frame hardware or in replacement skins for those with an aftermarket frame already installed. Rollback Sunroof Tops These soft top Jeep tops follow the same basic formula of most other soft tops with the exception of a sleek and convenient rollback sunroof for a more open-air feel. These Jeep tops also include all the necessary hardware you need to do a complete installation from scratch, and the versatile design also allows for compatibility with a number of soft door options. Other features of Rollback Sunroof tops include mildew and UV resistant fabric, industrial strength thread, heat-sealed seams, heavy duty molded-tooth zippers for easy window installation and removal, and powder-coated rust-resistant frame hardware to ensure long frame life. Current rollback sunroof-style Jeep tops include the Bestop Sunrider and Pavement Ends Flip Top. Tiger Top Vintage and classic Jeep owners need not feel left out thanks to the Tiger Top. Designed and custom-crafted by Jeep tops leader Bestop, the Tiger Top Jeep top is built specifically for older model Jeeps, and even comes sporting that vintage Jeep look. The Bestop Tiger Top includes all necessary hardware for a full installation onto an open top Jeep.

Your Jeep Top Purchase

Choosing a top isn’t as complicated of an affair as one might suspect. In the end, Jeep tops are all about getting the style you want at an agreeable price.

Hopefully this article has helped you in that decision-making process in order to minimize the hassle of buying and installing the right one so you can focus on the fun part.

Now go get your Jeep top.