Becoming a Learner Driver – Safety And Insurance Tips

Becoming a Learner Driver – Safety And Insurance Tips

Becoming a Learner Driver – Safety And Insurance Tips

Whether you’re a student and wish you could drive but cannot simply afford it or reaching an age where you think “the moment’s gone” then let assure you it’s never too late to start driving. Driving is a wonderful thing and is something that some of us tend to take for granted.

If you are indeed thinking about hitting the roads, note that learning to drive can be a less expensive process than what you think it may be. By law, anyone over the age of 21 who has been driving for 3 years is allowed to supervise you in a vehicle so long as you have a provisional licence. This means you have the ability to drive for as long as you like without it costing too much – result! Yes, we all know that petrol prices are incredibly (and increasingly) annoying, but with this come a rise in electric vehicles and other ways to keep environmentally friendly. Besides, once you’ve got a driving licence, you’ll have it forever.

has a few tips on how to stay safe on the roads for all of you learners…

If you’re considering driving a vehicle under supervision then don’t forget to take out the necessary car insurance. Once passed, why not insure yourself on the family car? If you’ve got your own car, then be sure to check out the benefits of ‘s cheap, beneficial car insurance:

With this in mind, you’ll be ready to hit the roads (safely) in no time!

Goodyear Shares Tire Care Tips

Goodyear Shares Tire Care Tips

Goodyear Shares Tire Care Tips

In the auto industry, this week is being observed as the National Tire Safety Week. In connection with this, Goodyear, the third largest tire company in the world, shares their set of tire care tips to drivers and vehicle owners.

Taking care of one’s vehicle’s tires is one good step to avoid accidents. Improperly inflated tires can lead to blowouts, and if such a thing happens while a driver is going very fast, there is a risk that he or she may lose control of the car which can result to accidents.

According to researchers in this field, motorists regard a car’s tire as the second most important safety feature of their cars next only to the brakes. While that may be the case, the researchers also found out that only a third of the correspondents know how to properly check their tires.

To increase awareness among drivers on how to make their car safer by properly checking their tires, Goodyear has come up with different tips. Brett Ponton, the Vice-President for Goodyear Retail, has this to say: ?Checking tires for proper inflation and tread condition is one of the most critical – and easiest – maintenance procedures for a consumer. It doesn’t take much time or sophisticated equipment. Drivers can check their tires by themselves, or any of our retail outlets would be happy to provide the service.?

Indeed, checking one’s tires needs little or no help from auto mechanics or technicians. It is just a matter of knowing how to do it properly and Goodyear aims to provide that knowledge to motorists.

Experts from the tire company advise motorists to check on their tires periodically or before an extended road trip. One of the tips shared by Goodyear is that motorists should inflate their tires according to manufacture specifications. It is one of the most common faults of car owners to inflate their car’s tires based on the maximum limit of a tire as specified in its sidewall. One reason for this is that, car manufacturers have gone to great lengths to find out how much a car’s tire should be inflated in order for it to support a vehicle’s weight properly without risk of abnormal wear and tear.

The problem by inflating a tire to its maximum limit is that it is prone to over inflation which can lead to blowouts. During extended trips, over inflated tires are subjected to a high degree of heat which can then damage the tire’s structure badly. It would also be a good idea to increase the efficiency of one’s tires by complementing it with high quality suspension parts such as Bilstein shocks.

The tire company is also offering other tire care programs to consumers aside from their tips. One of these includes a consumer booklet loaded with information concerning proper tire care. The said booklet called ‘the Complete Tire Safety Guide? is published by Goodyear and is available to consumers from Goodyear retailers around the United States. Another booklet, the ?Be Tire Smart, Play Your PART?, will also be distributed by Goodyear retailers. The second booklet contains information about ‘the importance of inflation pressure, wheel alignment, tire rotation and visual checks of tire tread.? The tire company also invites consumers to visit , their official web site, where they will have access to more information concerning tire care. Visitors of the said website can also ask for a copy of ?A Guide to Tire Safety?.

The world-famous Goodyear blimps will also be used by the tire company in the celebration of the National Tire Safety Week. The said blimps will flash messages urging consumers to check tire pressure and tread wear. Aside from this, Goodyear-owned outlets will provide free tire checkup for consumers.

‘through these efforts, if we could grab consumers’ attention, and help them to understand that proper maintenance of vehicles and tires translates into increased automotive safety, optimum driving performance and significant cost savings, they would more likely take care of their tires,? said Ponton in conclusion.

Best In Class Acura Clutch For Uncompromising Car Control

Best In Class Acura Clutch For Uncompromising Car Control

Best In Class Acura Clutch For Uncompromising Car Control

The clutch assembly installed on an Acura is an integral part of the car’s transmission system. It is responsible for controlling the transfer of torque from the engine to the drive wheels. Composed of a flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, and friction discs, the Acura clutch engages and disengages the gearbox depending on the input entered by the driver via the clutch pedal. When the clutch pedal is pressed, the pressure inputted is carried by a hydraulic pump called the clutch master cylinder to the clutch discs, which then engages the gearbox according to the pedal input. The metal friction disc then makes contact with discs and regulates the flow of torque to the drive wheels.

Such engagement and disengagement is what the Acura clutch is primarily designed for. Typically, an Acura clutch has more than one friction disc, with the discs pressed tightly together against the flywheel via the springs, to provide quicker launches and faster engagement. Acura clutch discs are lined with asbestos, the very same material used in brakes shoes and pads, to provide more friction during clutch operations. It enhances the grip between the flywheel and the disc. Normally, the Acura clutch uses the ceramic type of clutch discs for increased friction. A clutch with better materials and stronger springs will enable faster and smoother launches, quicker shifts, and durability.

Depending on the intended use of the vehicle, Acura clutch assemblies are categorized into two varieties: the performance and stock clutch systems. A stock Acura clutch assembly is composed of up to specs clutch friction disc and clutch pressure plate, with some Acura clutch kits sporting pilot bushings or pilot bearings to complement the high-traction friction material of the clutch. Performance clutch systems have a heat-treated steel finish to anticipate the harsh drive conditions of muscle, or performance, cars. The pressure plate holds the springs, cover and release fingers, which bind the clutch disc. Two types of pressure plates can be fitted on the Acura clutch, the diaphragm- and spring-type pressure plates. Another car contraption called flywheel can also complement the Acura clutch system, where the transmission is optimized for high performance, quick shifting and harsh engagement.

Driving Lessons – Practical Revamp Required

Driving Lessons – Practical Revamp Required

Driving Lessons – Practical Revamp Required

Although the practical driving test is tough, it’s not tough enough and doesn’t fully, properly, cover the most tricky conditions new drivers face. The Theory Test doesn’t need to change. It’s been looked at and updated recently and from the feedback I get from my learners it helps them begin to notice hazards they would never have seen before. The latest update has seen the DSA stop publishing the exact questions, meaning you cannot simply memorise the questions and their answers. The most useful aspect of the test though is the Hazard Perception. I see a noticeable difference in learners’ awareness once they even start to practice this and they enjoy spotting dangers they wouldn’t have before.

The Practical Test is inadequate and failing new drivers. Although the emphasis on manoeuvres has diminished in recent times, which it needed to do, there is still not enough time to assess the candidate properly. All aspects of the optional extra – the Pass Plus Scheme – need to be made compulsory and included on the test. The popularity of the Pass Plus has vastly reduced and it wasn’t popular in the first place. After all, why would anyone want to spend at least another 120 on 6 more driving lessons when they don’t ‘have’ to, even if they really ‘need’ to, especially in these times of recession.

The Practical lasts for 30 – 40 minutes only, includes one manoeuvre, a 10 minute Independent Driving phase, potentially the emergency stop, and that’s it. It all depends where you live as to what types of roads you will drive on. On the very odd occasion I have instructed a Pass Plus for a new driver, having passed in a built-up area, their skills and understanding of driving country roads especially is frightening.

I personally think the practical should be split into 3 different tests, or ‘sessions’, where a candidate will need to pass each one before moving on to the next. The three main areas needing to be covered are town driving, country road driving, and motorways. Yes more time will be required, meaning more examiners so the waiting list for tests doesn’t get any worse than it already is. And with a lengthened test and more examiners it will prove more costly for learners – but how many lives will it save? Many, is my reckoning.

Phase 1 of the test should be the same as it is already for most areas. Town driving, emergency stop, independent driving and a manoeuvre. It should be conducted at a test centre that is sufficiently close to a town.

Phase 2 should see an emphasis mostly on country roads. This should include driving through country villages, single carriageway roads of varying speed limits including the national speed limit, and single track country lanes where the candidate will need to be on the lookout for oncoming vehicles. The test here is to make sure the candidate is able to drive at a speed suitable for the conditions and show the high state of awareness required for these roads. Remember, just because you’re on a 60mph road, this very rarely means it’s an appropriate speed.

Phase 3 will see the emphasis on dual carriageways and motorways. Again these would have to be conducted at a test centre suitably close to these types of road, of which there are already many. It would mean all learners will have to be aware of road laws they otherwise my not be. How often do you see tailgating, undertaking, and people driving too slowly in the outside lanes? And are they all aware what they are doing wrong?

These changes would hugely increase knowledge and understanding, see a sharp rise in general driving standards, decrease road rage and more importantly accidents and save tens if not hundreds of lives. If it also changes a few attitudes then we’re on the right track.

Jason Vines

Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

Before following into autumn, it has come apparent that England has become blessed with many bright and humid days before summer finally comes to an end. Although this is great news for us Brits and a great opportunity to take advantage of these rare radiant rays, it is also important to note that these periods of hot weather can actually effect your driving. has a few driving tips to keep you and your vehicle safe during the final days of summer…

Most of all it is important to make sure you’re insured and that you are allowed to be on the road. If you are caught uninsured then your summer would be over even earlier than you’d expected, even worse if you’ve just splashed out on a new convertible which was intended for those glorious summer days.

‘s car insurance provides policies for all makes and models of cars, all tailored to suit your individual needs. Benefits include:

What Is Heavy Machinery And What Are The Merits Of

What Is Heavy Machinery And What Are The Merits Of

What Is Heavy Machinery And What Are The Merits Of Heavy Machinery?

One of the tools invented by man to make his work simpler is the machine. A typical machine is nothing but a tool that performs works, which are of repetitive nature. In scientific parlance, work is nothing but the act of exerting a force on an object such that the object is moved across a distance. A simple machine is a tool designed and developed to make the simple tools of pulling, lifting, and pushing objects.

Heavy machine or heavy machinery is referred to a complex machine doing a number of simple machine operations at the same time. The need for usage of heavy machinery arises from the fact that complex and complicated activities such as laying of roads, tilling and sowing seeds equidistantly spread over a vast area of agricultural fields ready for the commencement of agricultural operations can neither be performed with the help of simple machines, nor the labor force is capable of doing the complex and heavy activities at a relatively faster pace. Heavy machinery, or heavy equipment, meets the requirement of completing complex jobs at a relatively quicker pace of time, and in the bargain saving considerable amount of overheads.

Have you ever watched a giant-sized machine being used at the roadside to lay roads? or a heavy machine being put to use to create a gravel and sand mixture to build roads? These and similar types of equipment are jointly referred to heavy equipment required to carry out heavy jobs of specific nature.

The need for usage of heavy equipment machinery arises from the fact that global competition among the different types of activities is on the rise due to technological innovations, and in such a competitive world, any firm aspiring to survive and grow in the competitive market space is to innovate new products, and mostly reduce the overhead costs. For example, the activity of laying roads over a stretch of say 500 meters can be completed by the heavy equipment operator (or) heavy machinery operator and a couple of helpers in less than 12 hours maximum. If the heavy machine were not there, about 50 to 60 employees might have to be employed for digging the hole, clearing the debris and all other such related works to complete the mission of laying a new road for the local street.

Heavy equipment or heavy machinery needs the services of heavy equipment operator or heavy machinery operator, who is capable of operating the machine and complete the multi-tasks assigned to some of the custom-built heavy equipment.

The market for heavy equipment is vibrant with lots of competition among the heavy machinery traders to offer heavy equipment sales or heavy machinery sales either as new products, or used heavy equipment or second-hand equipment, in the market to prospective customers.

Among the common types of heavy machinery used is the construction heavy equipment such as cement preparation rollers, equipment for laying of roads and such other related aspects. Now, with the advanced technologies, complex heavy equipment that can meet the specific requirements are simulated and designed using the relevant software in computer and based on the custom-specifications, the design is converted into the original equipment.

How Headache Racks Can Stop Your Surfboard From Becoming A

How Headache Racks Can Stop Your Surfboard From Becoming A

How Headache Racks Can Stop Your Surfboard From Becoming A Weapon

I am a 24 year old student and live in San Diego. And like the most guys here I have just one passion: Surfing. I started surfing when I was 10 and when I think back to my earlier years, I have to admit that it was not fun. I broke my arm twice, my right leg once and hundreds of stomach injuries after failed attempts to catch waves at just the right time. Since then, a lot has changed. I don’t want to show off but now I am one of the best surfers here in this sunshine state.

Although I think that surfing is one of the best sports in the world, I have to admit that it is not fun unless you are very good. Although I love surfing, it gets in the way of my busy schedule. First of all, you often neglect activities you are supposed to do for your apartment for example. I don’t know exactly how often I have forgotten to clean the dishes or wash my clothes, but let’s just say it’s a lot. And when I leave the office at 5 pm I have just one goal: to go to the beach as soon as possible and everything that has had a negative influence will be forgotten. And cleaning up the plates falls under this category without a doubt. Another negative factor from my surfing passion is my transportation. I often have two boards with me when I go surfing because I have to choose different boards depending on the conditions of the waves; a small board for big waves and a long board for smaller waves. You can imagine that the handling of two boards is difficult; especially when you want to make sure your boards don’t get damaged.

Regarding these transportation problems, I don’t mean just the walking down to the water after parking the car. Part of the problem is how I transport the boards in my truck. I have a big truck so there is enough space for storing them, but last week something very weird happened. I was driving to the beach, cruising around 40 mph, and suddenly the car in front of me stopped out of nowhere! Of course I had to break immediately and guess what happened. Correct, my long board ran through my back window and tons of glass pieces shattered in my car. After this experience I decided to change my transportation. Surely there was no way to transport the boards without the truck, so I had to change something with the truck itself. After a little research, I found tons of truck accessories. I found a back window protector called a headache rack, which could be the solution to my transportation problem. So I bought a headache rack yesterday and recognized that my headache rack mounts directly onto my truck’s stake pockets without the need for drilling. Beside that, the installation was very easy and this evening I used my new truck accessory and solved my problem. I think I have made a great decision to improve my truck’s protection. Otherwise I would always be scared of having another accident because of some jerk that can’t drive. Now even if I do get in an accident, I don’t have to worry that my boards will suddenly become a weapon that can break my neck.

Celebrating 60 Years in Style

Celebrating 60 Years in Style

Celebrating 60 Years in Style

Even after 60 years, the Toyota Land Cruiser is still going strong and better than ever. The legendary 4×4 remains one of the toughest machines on four wheels by conquering the Arctic wastes, travelling through deserts, ploughing its way through tropical rain forests and generally taken the worst the world can throw at it. Toyota is launching a new top-of-the-range 60th Anniversary version of both its standard five-door Toyota Land Cruiser and the flagship Toyota Land Cruiser V8 as it reaches this landmark. Both have the same robust construction and sophisticated array of driving and control systems for exceptional on and off-road performance. The new Toyota Land Cruiser 60th Anniversary version positions itself at the top of the model range for 2011, extra features include:

* Triple-zone climate control air conditioning

* 18-inch alloys/ Chrome exhaust finisher

* Dusk-sensing headlight/ Rain-sensing wipers

* Front and rear parking sensors/Rear parking monitor HDD navigation system/ Crawl Control

Adaptive Variable Suspension/Active height control

* Leather upholstery/60th Anniversary badging The new Toyota Land Cruiser V8 60th Anniversary delivers an impressive package of performance and comfort, features include:

* Pre-Crash Safety system (PCS)

* Multi-terrain AB

* 40Gb HDD full-map satellite navigation with Bluetooth

* Four-zone climate control air conditioning

* 20in Alloy wheels

Full black leather upholstery I am really looking forward to the new 4x4s being launched this year, I just hope my local Toyota dealers in Northern Ireland will have them, as I would like to see it in person. I can only dream of buying it, it’s far too expensive for me, the Toyota Land Cruiser 60th Anniversary is priced at 49,950 and the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 60th Anniversary is 61,950.

Get Awesome Offers On Quality Pre-owned Ford Models At Ford

Get Awesome Offers On Quality Pre-owned Ford Models At Ford

Get Awesome Offers On Quality Pre-owned Ford Models At Ford Of Clermont

We are Ford of Clermont, the premier Ford dealer in Clermont, Florida.

Our online dealership provides a virtual showroom of well-maintained Pre-Owned vehicles. Click on our Pre-Owned Specials and view our list of photo-featured used vehicles of Ford and other makes. We present great deals on select used vehicles. The pre-owned vehicles that are currently on offer are: the 2005 Ford Ranger Edge, 2001 Nissan Sentra SE and 2005 Dodge Neon.

Ford vehicles at Ford of Clermont

We showcase the wide and exhilarating selection of New and Pre-Owned Ford vehicles at our dealership including the Focus, Fusion, Mustang, Taurus, Edge, Taurus X, Ranger, F-150, Super Duty F-250, Super Duty F-350, E-Series, Escape, Escape Hybrid, Explorer Sport Trac, Explorer and Expedition.

We specialize in Ford Sales, Service, Parts, Accessories and Finance. We bring you features that will guide you in selecting a Ford vehicle that suits your needs and getting a great deal on the same. Visit our sections such as Quick Quote for prices of New Vehicles, Pre-Owned Search for quality used vehicles, Vehicle Reviews to research and compare different vehicles, Virtual Brochure to explore detailed specification of vehicles, Trade-in Value to get a good profit on your existing vehicle and Loan Calculator to calculate your loan or lease amount and monthly interest on the same, Business Credit Application, Courtesy Delivery, New Vehicle Specials, Finance Specials, Newspaper Ads, TV Commercial, Service Appointment, Order Parts, Parts/Service Coupons and Body Shop.

Location of Ford of Clermont

Based in Clermont, Florida, we extend our Ford services in and around areas such as Orlando, Clermont, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Groveland, West Orange, Leesburg, Mt. Dora, Sanford, and Kissimmee.

Benefits of Online Driving Courses

Benefits of Online Driving Courses

Benefits of Online Driving Courses

If you think you can’t take time out of your busy life to enroll in drivers ed classes, worry no more. You can enroll in online driving courses and learn to drive safely and actively on your own schedule. These online courses have become highly popular these days as they allow people to learn at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home.

With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, many people prefer to enroll in a professional driving course, versus attend traditional driving classes, to learn the most advanced and updated driving skills. Enrolling in online drivers ed classes is the most convenient, effective and easy way to learn to drive and become a safe driver on the road. These professional online driving courses are offered by a number of driver education providers in Texas and help you acquire the skill set required to become an excellent driver on the road.

Here are some benefits of enrolling in online driving courses:

There are a number of driver education providers in Texas who offer online training, but you need to choose the best one for you. Make sure that the online courses selected by you offer both regular driving training and Texas defensive driving courses to help you learn all the required skills and techniques.

Choose a Texas driving school that offers the advanced driver training and stimulating curriculum. Enroll in an online learning course offered by a Texas driving school now, and become a safe and confident driver on the road.