Baby Benz’ Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Baby Benz’ Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Baby Benz’ Celebrates 25th Anniversary

This year is the 25th anniversary of the original Mercedes-Benz 190 which is branded as the baby Benz in the range. The Mercedes-Benz 190 may be little but it has been able to make big changes in Stuttgart and across the entire automotive industry.

Juergen Hubbert, branded as ?Dr. Mercedes? and former boss of the Teutonic brand recalled that the launching of the baby Mercedes led to an intense debate. It should be noted that back in the 1980s, the definition of luxury car only applies to the likes of the big Benz S-Class and slightly smaller sized E-Class. Any size smaller than the accepted size for luxury cars are already sacrilegious to the segment. However that was before the wake of the second Mideast oil crisis. When the oil prices started increasing the consumers started demanding for more fuel efficient and smaller vehicles—that’s when the baby Mercedes Benz 190 was born.

It is not actually surprising why some folks at Mercedes Benz where afraid of producing baby Benz. First of all, Mercedes Benz is a brand that is renowned for producing luxury vehicles and high quality Mercedes parts such as its range of Mercedes clutch and creating an economical, small size Benz is something that will definitely affect brand image. Luckily for Mercedes Benz since it turned out that its customers cared more for quality rather than the mere luxury features that Mercedes vehicles possess so it was not hard for the German brand when it finally launched its baby Mercedes Benz 190 in the market.

Actually what Mercedes Benz did was to downsize the S-Class and create a small version basing on its concept. The 190 is a far cry from the luxury Mercedes vehicles that people have for years associated with the brand. As a fact, the most basic 190 models were equipped with cloth seats that come with mechanical adjusters less the electronic and mechanical particulars that are normally associated with a Mercedes vehicle. The wood and leather used yielded to inexpensive plastic. And that’s not all! The exterior design was so clunky and awkward. If you think that is worst just wait till you see the interior layout which was unpleasantly inefficient. It has very little or no legroom for back seat passengers. For a luxury brand to create just a dismal baby may be considered rather ironic.

Despite the flaws that the baby Benz possess it has become an immediate hit with consumers around the world. The explanation for this is quite obvious; Mercedes Benz has build a reputation rooted on quality and performance which means that whatever vehicle it will produce buyers will always have this notion that if it’s Mercedes then it must be a quality car. Luckily for the baby Benz since its parent has built for it quite a reputation which helps it to survive.

The baby Benz may lack all the luxury features that his other big siblings possess but it has been successful in demonstrating that size should never be made as an issue in measuring a luxury car. Baby Benz has led the most dramatic change that the automotive industry has ever seen. Back in the early ?80s its possible to count the marque of various models on one hand but today you will surely run short of fingers and toes with the wide range of models that Mercedes Benz has including the classic S and E, the 190’s descendant the C-Class, the SLK, SL, and SLR, the CLK and CL and the list goes on.

1 Ton Dump Truck

1 Ton Dump Truck

1 Ton Dump Truck

If you are in the market for the used Mack trucks to help with your business or city works, but are at a loss for where to find a used one, then check out these places to help you get the dump truck suited to your needs.

Mack trucks are not like regular motor vehicle for the fact that they are designed for garbage removal. They are much larger in size than your every day motor vehicle, and require much more power and fuel to operate at maximum efficiency. Since the Mack truck is not like the every day motor vehicle, your choices for finding one suited to your needs are limited to special manufacturers and resellers.

The makers of dump trucks typically sell only these kinds of vehicles, or other high end large vehicles created for a specific purpose such as the constructive industrie’s CAT’s. The most common method used to purchase a truck is through a local seller. More often than not if you don’t live in a large town or a town that has a dealership, then you will have to branch out into the surrounding larger cities. Doing a search around town, or in a phone book is a very effective way for you to locate and find a used one for sale or a dealership. When it comes to the purchasing process of a used one, you can prepare yourself for having to make a long trip out of town to a specific seller, or arrange some type of deliver with the dealer.

Similar to buying locally or in person, you can also find a used truck through an internet search. You can utilize the internet to either help you locate a seller within your area, or run a search for sellers across the country to maybe do a little comparison into prices and quality. As with buying out of town, you will either have to arrange a delivery of it to your area, or have to take the trip to wherever it is located and drive it back. The internet is a great tool to help you find a used one because it allows you a much wider marketplace and fast access to sellers across the country.

Overall if you are in the need for a used Mack truck, check out what you can find either locally or on the internet to help satiate your need.

Jeep Tops: Anatomy Of A Jeep Top

Jeep Tops: Anatomy Of A Jeep Top

Jeep Tops: Anatomy Of A Jeep Top

Jeep tops are fairly universal Jeep accessories in that everyone from casual Jeep owners to hardcore off road enthusiasts has some basic knowledge of what they’re about.

But Jeep tops can get more complicated that one might think, and while it’s hard to go wrong when making a purchase, having an intimate knowledge about them can go a long way in extending the benefits.

For this reason, we?ve dissected nearly every imaginable Jeep top to take an in-depth look at what makes them must-have Jeep accessories.

Which Jeep Top?

It’s an age old question; perhaps one that has been asked since the time of the dinosaurs. Not really, but choosing a Jeep top has always been a decision that requires a fair amount of thought.

At first glance, choosing a top seems pretty simple. The features are all plainly stated, pictures give you an idea of what to expect looks-wise, and your particular environmental situation further dictates which one you need.

But there are also many factors that aren’t taken into account when shopping for a Jeep top. Intangibles like installation and frame style are examples of lesser-known aspects, while things like road noise or insulation are factors that can only be experienced firsthand.

With this in mind, I?ll do my best to cover aspects that are typically unaccounted for.

Factory versus Aftermarket Jeep Tops

When it really comes down to it, there isn’t a huge discrepancy between what both factory and aftermarket tops have to offer.

A factory Jeep top will give you that genuine Jeep look and feel, plus the added security of sticking to true Jeep accessories that follow the same standard of quality as the vehicle itself. Aftermarket tops are for the most part similar to factory units, but with a few exceptions.

Although both versions of Jeep tops are made from the same materials, equivalent quality, and with the same purpose in mind, aftermarket tops offer certain features, benefits, or other Jeep accessories that you might not get out of factory units.

For instance, certain aftermarket tops have been optimized to reduce road noise better than a factory one. Also, in the event that your Jeep top needs replacing, aftermarket replacement options are typically cheaper than factory tops. For these reasons, aftermarket options usually make for favorable Jeep accessories when replacing aging factory tops.

Narrowing It Down

The first and most obvious way to categorize Jeep tops in terms of need is by splitting up hardtops and soft tops. Clearly, the two styles are distinctive enough that each one serves its purpose in different ways.

Jeep Hardtops Hard-style Jeep tops are a never-fail option. They rarely if ever need replacing and provide enhancement and heavy duty protection. In addition, they offer a number of handy Jeep accessories, like power windows, a rear window defroster, and more. Hardtops come in a one-piece model, or a two-piece configuration with a removable sunroof. On the flipside, Jeep hardtops are not easily removed and stored for those who enjoy open-air summertime driving. Hardtop hoists and storage-based Jeep accessories are available, but require added purchases. Jeep Soft Tops For those who love customizability with their Jeep accessories, soft tops are the way to go. Available in a variety of designs, Jeep soft tops offer the kind of versatility, comfort, and style that justify a Jeep purchase in the first place. Plus soft tops are easy to install, remove, or store. On the other hand, soft Jeep tops aren’t exactly ideal for colder weather. Their thinner material and fabric construction leaves them with poor insulation, and also gives them an average lifespan of only 3 to 5 years before requiring replacement.

Upon Further Review…

On the other hand, soft Jeep tops aren’t exactly ideal for colder weather. Their thinner material and fabric construction leaves them with poor insulation, and also gives them an average lifespan of only 3 to 5 years before requiring replacement.

Jeep Hardtops

When it comes to hardtops, making a choice and meeting the requirements for installation is relatively easy, and getting the right Jeep top is usually a simple matter of picking either a one or two-piece top.

Two-Piece Hardtops The two-piece hardtop is the definitive Jeep top for year-round performance in any climate. On one hand, you get the protection and insulation of a full-fledged hardtop during the winter. Then for warmer weather conditions, the cockpit features a removable roof piece for open-air driving. In addition, hardtop Jeep tops come with a vast assortment of unique features and Jeep accessories like a fiberglass-reinforced plastic composition for durability, an in-mold gel coating for fade resistance, rear window vents, a rear window defroster, tinted tempered glass windows, an overhead dome light, and much more. One-Piece Hardtops In addition, hardtop Jeep tops come with a vast assortment of unique features and Jeep accessories like a fiberglass-reinforced plastic composition for durability, an in-mold gel coating for fade resistance, rear window vents, a rear window defroster, tinted tempered glass windows, an overhead dome light, and much more.

Jeep Soft Tops

Soft tops are where matters can get a little confusing.

To start, it is necessary to determine whether or not you have a pre-existing frame, and whether it’s in usable condition. Remember that the frame is the backbone of your soft top, and therefore a worn, rusted, or misshapen frame can cause your Jeep top to install improperly, or perhaps not perform as expected.

If you do have a frame already in place, you next need to find out if it’s a factory or aftermarket frame. This will ultimately help you narrow down which aftermarket Jeep top options are available to you, since certain Jeep tops are only compatible with particular frame styles.

For those without a Jeep top frame altogether, an aftermarket Jeep top kit that includes both the Jeep top and hardware system to set it up is suggested.

Pre-Existing Factory Frame Jeep Tops

These Jeep tops are designed exclusively for use with Jeep vehicles that have a pre-existing factory frame in usable condition.

Replace-A-Tops For a fast, efficient, and inexpensive soft Jeep top solution, Replace-A-Tops make updating your old, worn factory top simpler than ever. The Replace-A-Top is a basic Jeep top skin that easily slips on and off your factory frame. Each kit includes only the Jeep top fabric with optional clear or tinted windows, and the Jeep tops themselves are built to factory standards, or better. Additionally, the Replace-A-Top includes a host of other fine features, such as premium fabric construction, mildew and UV resistant material, industrial strength thread, heat sealed seams, and much more. Trusted Jeep tops manufacturers Bestop, Rugged Ridge, and Smittybilt each offer perfectly reliable and inexpensive Replace-A-Top models. Bestop also offers a premium option in their Replace-A-Top Jeep top made out of revolutionary Sailcloth fabric to help improve insulation and drastically reduce road noise over factory Jeep tops. Halftops For a sporty two-seater look and feel there’s nothing quite like a Halftop Jeep top. Combining components of several other styles, the Halftop is the perfect hybrid of unique style and rugged function. The Halftop includes all the usual soft top functions and Jeep accessories like mildew and UV resistant-fabric, a convenient fold back sunroof, zip-out windows, and much more, but then also incorporates all of this into an unconventional sporty look. The Halftop Jeep Top from Bestop is actually something of an exception when it comes to having the right hardware for installation. It can accommodate those who have a pre-existing factory hard or soft top frame, or for those who have no frame at all. Halftop Jeep tops are available exclusively from Bestop.

No Frame or Aftermarket Frame Jeep Tops

These Jeep tops are compatible with Jeeps that have either no soft top frame whatsoever, or a pre-existing aftermarket frame.

Supertop You wouldn’t think from the sleek design and intuitive features that the Supertop Jeep top has followed mostly the same formula for decades. Sold as a complete package with all necessary mounting hardware and Jeep accessories to get your started, a Supertop is a simple yet dependable solution for adding a soft top to an open-top Jeep. Its ‘set-N-Stretch? fabric won’t fade or warp regardless of temperature, and the zip-out replaceable windows come in clear or tinted. The Supertop also gives you a variety of other premium features like mildew and UV resistant fabric, industrial strength thread, heat sealed seams, heavy duty molded-tooth zippers for easy window installation and removal, and powder-coated rust-resistant frame hardware to ensure long frame life. Best of all, using the Supertop framework, you can easily change out your top skin for a bikini top, or remove it altogether for open-air driving. The Supertop Jeep top is available exclusively from Bestop, and is available in a complete kit with frame hardware or in replacement skins for those with an aftermarket frame already installed. Rollback Sunroof Tops These soft top Jeep tops follow the same basic formula of most other soft tops with the exception of a sleek and convenient rollback sunroof for a more open-air feel. These Jeep tops also include all the necessary hardware you need to do a complete installation from scratch, and the versatile design also allows for compatibility with a number of soft door options. Other features of Rollback Sunroof tops include mildew and UV resistant fabric, industrial strength thread, heat-sealed seams, heavy duty molded-tooth zippers for easy window installation and removal, and powder-coated rust-resistant frame hardware to ensure long frame life. Current rollback sunroof-style Jeep tops include the Bestop Sunrider and Pavement Ends Flip Top. Tiger Top Vintage and classic Jeep owners need not feel left out thanks to the Tiger Top. Designed and custom-crafted by Jeep tops leader Bestop, the Tiger Top Jeep top is built specifically for older model Jeeps, and even comes sporting that vintage Jeep look. The Bestop Tiger Top includes all necessary hardware for a full installation onto an open top Jeep.

Your Jeep Top Purchase

Choosing a top isn’t as complicated of an affair as one might suspect. In the end, Jeep tops are all about getting the style you want at an agreeable price.

Hopefully this article has helped you in that decision-making process in order to minimize the hassle of buying and installing the right one so you can focus on the fun part.

Now go get your Jeep top.

Driving Tips During Winter

Driving Tips During Winter

Driving Tips During Winter

One would think what difference change of temperature could make when driving a vehicle. After all, a vehicle is a vehicle. It is a machine and machines don’t catch cold. Hold on there! Yes, the vehicles do catch cold. You need to tune up your vehicle for winter. During winters the fuel is cold and does not ignite easily. Winters are so unpredictable. Some important tips in the winters are :

The first thing you need to do in the morning when you are about to take your vehicle out for driving is to put the heater on for some time. Now, when you put the ignition on, the vehicle does not take much time to start.

Second check your tires and, if necessary, clean the tread on them. And if it has been snowing it would be best if you change all season tires and put on tires made especially for snow driving. This will make your driving safe on snow-laden roads. Test the air pressure.

Third check-up should be of the head lights. Clean the headlights properly and make sure that the windows are absolutely clear. During the cold nights they may have become foggy. check the wipers blades, that they are working or not? Battery should be fully charged.

Forth keep your gas tank or fuel tank full. Use defroster. Use special winter tires

Finally, when you drive the vehicle keep the speed slower than you normally like to keep, because of moist roads and keep the head lights on with low beam. Make sure that you have full visibility on the road. Always use seat belt whenever you get into the vehicle. Turn smoothly in the direction wherever you want.

Don’t try to drive too enthusiastically. It is better to drive defensively. Keep the winter survival kit, with candles, matches, sleeping bags (or blankets), first aid kit, pocket knife, energy snacks and also dark colored clothes with you to use as a flag, if you trapped in such a situation. Avoid sudden breaks on the slippery surface because that is the cause of skidding. In the challenging season always listen to the radio to get for weather updates. Never ever assume that your vehicle can handles all the conditions. Don’t overtake anyone. Four wheelers can also skid in the challenging weather. Don’t take off your foot from the break.

The distance between your vehicle and the other vehicle in front of you should be enough for you to be able to stop your vehicle without colliding with the front vehicle if the vehicle in front of you suddenly comes to a stop. Be alert while driving. Take blanket, food, water with you in emergency. If you get stuck in the vehicle then stay in the vehicle and wait for the help but don’t come out from the car. Don’t stay in one position keep your body warm, like roll your arms.

If there is snow removing equipment on work make sure that you keep at least a 10 meter distance from such equipment.

Keep yourself updated about the weather conditions by listening to the local radio station for weather and traffic updates.

Extang – Cranking Out Top-notch Tonneau Covers Since 1982

Extang – Cranking Out Top-notch Tonneau Covers Since 1982

Extang – Cranking Out Top-notch Tonneau Covers Since 1982

Each Extang tonneau cover matches the love you have for your truck with equal parts quality, superior design, easy installation and sharp looks. If you’re driving with an uncovered bed or an inferior cover out back, a sharp new Extang tonneau cover is all you need for security, style and improved mileage.

Looking for a snapping roll-up tonneau cover? Have your eye on a fast peel & seal type? Settled on a durable hook & loop closure model? Extang makes them all, makes them right, and makes them in a custom design for your specific truck bed. Extang doesn’t have a warehouse of one-size-fits-all tonneau covers?each is made to order, rolled out and cut to size from their premium vinyl and sewn tough to last.

When you’re looking to cover your bed, go with the proven quality, custom style and steady performance of an Extang. Every Extang tonneau cover takes just minutes to install, adding class, security and fuel economy savings without breaking a sweat. So go ahead?Extang your truck.

Best yet, you can always Extang your truck for less when buying online. Many shops carry the full lineup of custom Extang tonneau covers at deep discounted deals that slash serious cash off of list price and the rip-off rate charged by your local shop.

I found the following Extang reviews for their products online:

“The day I received my Tuff Tonneau, snow was forcasted for the next day. After dinner I layed the components on my garage floor then began to snap the frame together. Within a half hour the Tonneau frame and supports were attached to the rails and the cover was attached on 3 sides. The temp im my garage was about 25 degrees making the final attachement difficult. By placing a small ceramic heater in the truck bed the tonneau was more plyable and in a few minutes the job was complete. Nice product!”

“Cover fit great. Looks good for a soft cover. Installed in 40 degree weather no problem. Received within a few days of ordering. Would recommend for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot for a quality cover.”

“first it got here quick, it went on quick and easy looks really good. it,s simply the best value as soft covers go. very pleased with this product.”

“My husband and I purchased the Extang Tuff Tonneau III Cover for our son’s birthday. He loves the look and convenience of the cover. Less than 45 minutes he had it installed and ready to show off.”

“This tonneau is absolutely worth every cent you pay for it. I got this Tonneau for my 2002 chevy S-10 ext. cab and its a perfect fit exactly to the bed and was easy to install only took me 20 min. to finish the installation over all This is a great product!!”

“The Tuff Tonneau III is definitly worth it’s price. One thing I like about it over a hard shell is that when I need to carry something big all I have to do is roll it up. It doesn’t stick up in the air like a big speedbreak. Rolling up also helps me when backing my Sea Doo into the water. I can roll it up, put down the tailgate and see what the trailer is doing.”

Some Special Occasions On Which You Can Hire Ideal Limos

Some Special Occasions On Which You Can Hire Ideal Limos

Some Special Occasions On Which You Can Hire Ideal Limos

Every person in this world has a dream to buy their own luxury car, but not everybody is that lucky to make their dream come true. But this doesn’t mean that if you don’t own a luxury car, you cannot enjoy your day in it. Yes, in modern era, it doesn’t matter whether you own a car or not, if you want to enjoy the pleasure, luxury and comfort of a car, you have several other options to hire them on rent. Now you must be thinking that renting a car or limo must be expensive and you have to spend lots of money, but believe me this is a myth. All you have to do is to find the ideal limousine service provider.

Renting limos is not at all expensive if you find the right service provider and the best thing is that you will get all comfort and luxury in the prices of a taxi. So, if you feel like you need a vehicle for any particular purpose, then hiring limo is the best option. Moreover, you can also avail services of car rentals for special occasions. Many limousine service providers offer you wide options from which you can choose the ideal vehicle for any particular occasion. Some of the occasions from which you can hire limos are as follows:

Marriages: Marriage is the most special day of one’s life and hence every person wants to make it even more special. Almost every groom and bride wants to reach their marriage venue in a wonderful luxury car, but it is not necessary that they own a car and hence they can contact any limousine service provider and rent a luxury car for their special day. Further, other vehicles and limos can also be hired for the purpose of sending guests from one place to other.

Business Event Or Meeting: Almost every business conducts some or the other event like parties, meetings, annual meets, etc. Hence, the owners can arrange limos through which they can send their employees, clients and other business associates to the venue or the place where meeting is going on.

Apart from the above, limo can also be hired for several different occasions like if you are planning a picnic, a night out with friends, or for any other occasion. All you need to do is to find the right service provider that can provide you ideal chauffeur service Houston TX. You can also use internet to refine your search in a better manner.

Choosing The Best Texas Defensive Driving Online School For You

Choosing The Best Texas Defensive Driving Online School For You

Choosing The Best Texas Defensive Driving Online School For You

According to the National Motorists Association, Texas is the 4th state most likely to issue speeding tickets to its drivers. With the Lone Star State at the top of the list, it’s no wonder why Texas defensive driving online schools are so popular. With so many to choose from though, how do you know which one to pick? When choosing to purchase anything, your answer will depend on a number of factors: cost effectiveness, convenience, etc. The truth is that the defensive driving online Texas school you choose will possess a combination of these things.

Credentials to Look For

When choosing the best online defensive driving course in Texas, it’s vital to make sure that the online school is equipped with the proper credentials. The first thing you ought to look into is whether or not they are approved by the Texas Education Agency, which verifies they are accepted by all Texas courts to dismiss traffic tickets and by most insurance companies for insurance discounts. The last thing you want to do is complete your driving course, only to find out that you’ve gone through an illegitimate school-talk about a time waster!

All in all, checking if they’re “official” is key. As with any business, it’s also important to make sure that the Texas online defensive driving school in question is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This is definitely another good legitimacy checker that will keep you safe, rather than sorry.

Look at the Cost

Because there are so many Texas defensive driving online schools, it’s best not to simply choose the first one that comes up in your search engine. Instead, shop around for the best price. An affordable defensive driving online course in Texas will be $25.00, since that is the lowest price allowed by Law, so it’s probably best not to choose a course that’s more expensive than that (all other things in place, of course).

It’s All About Convenience

In the Internet age, people are becoming more and more accustomed to staying home, and getting things accomplished on their computers and mobile devices. And online defensive driving courses fall directly into that category. According to Texas law, a driving course must be 6 hours in length. This is a long time, but the best online defensive driving schools allow you the ability to log in and out of your course at your leisure, until you’ve completed it. How’s that for convenience?

Quality Customer Service

One of the downsides of an online defensive driving course is that, for the most part, you’re on your own to figure things out. You don’t have the benefit of face-to-face contact with a knowledgeable driving instructor. However, this is where good customer service comes in. Good defensive driving online Texas schools will have highly trained and qualified customer service representatives, standing by to answer any questions you might have about the defensive driving course. Some driving schools even have 24-hour, 7 days a week customer service reps. This is definitely an added bonus for your convenience.

Look Now!

If you need to take defensive driving, don’t go sit in a class all Saturday with a bunch of strangers. Search for defensive driving online Texas schools now!

Prep Your Family For Roadside Assistance

Prep Your Family For Roadside Assistance

Prep Your Family For Roadside Assistance

In schools, our children practice fire, tornado, and disaster drills. There’s a little secret the teachers use to make sure those drills go well. They become a game. Not only that, but the teachers have a bag prepped with materials to keep children quiet or busy, depending on what is happening.

Fast forward to a simple drive home from school or dance practice-and your car overheats or you blow a tire. Your first instinct is to call a tow service, but what do you do with the carpool of kids in your car?

The first thing to pack in your emergency car bag is a non-perishable snack. Go for crackers, dehydrated food, or maybe something that will take a very long time to unwrap. Get the kiddos going on that and enjoy a few minutes of dealing with your car without whining.

Next, think about activities. This can be something fun, something they never get to play with. Wrap up some dollar store toys in layers of paper so the kids have to keep on unwrapping. Again, you are trying to kill time, so put activities in there that will keep them occupied in a fun way.

In the event that you are out late, be sure to pack some mini-flashlights. If your car is stalled and you want to conserve your energy, it can be dark, and that can be scary for the kids. Giving them each a flashlight can give them the power to control the light and what they see. And come on, aren’t shadow puppets fun?

I’m sure there are lots of tricks that you have as a parent to occupy your children on the road, but, when it comes to an emergency, prepare yourself. Realize your limits as a parent and understand that with the added stress of a vehicle failure you may not be as on your game as you usually are. That’s why prepping a secret, “fun bag” is a great way to buy yourself the time to keep everyone safe

If a case does arrive where you happen to be stuck on the side of the road make sure you find a quality company with good ratings. The last thing you want is to be stranded at night and have poor service.

February 2007 Sales Figures For Mercedes-benz Reported

February 2007 Sales Figures For Mercedes-benz Reported

February 2007 Sales Figures For Mercedes-benz Reported

The time has come once again to evaluate the performance of auto makers. Sales figures from different auto industry players have already been announced and while it is a given that some will be winners and some may see decrease in the number of units sold, this monthly evaluation is always a good information source for those following closely the trends in the auto industry.

Mercedes-Benz USA reported that they have sold 17,304 new vehicles for the month of February. The sales figure is lower than their performance last year for the same period. It can be remembered that last year’s output broke their sales record for the month of February. While their sales figure for the month of February this year is lower than last year’s, the car maker saw an increase in their year-to-date total number of vehicles sold. With a strong sale in January, Mercedes-Benz USA posted a 15.2 percent increase from last year through the same period.

Out of the more than 17,000 vehicles, 11,890 of them are passenger cars. The car maker’s C and E-Class units are two of the faster selling models from the Mercedes-Benz lot. Combined, the models posted a 30.9 percent increase in sales over last year’s sales output for the same period. The demand for these models has grown so that it can be likened to the demand for high performance Volvo ball joints. Another model line which has showed an improvement in terms of sales output is the Mercedes Benz M-Class. This family of luxury light trucks posted a 12.8 percent increase over last year’s February sales figures. Last year, during the month of February, Mercedes-Benz USA only managed to sell 55 units of the luxury SUV G-Class, this year though, the luxury car maker sold 172 units which is a 212.7 percent increase.

The car maker also made good performance in terms of selling pre-owned vehicles. Under their Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program, Mercedes-Benz reported that they have sold 3,910 pre-owned vehicles for the month of February. This is an increase of 13 percent over last year’s February sales figures of pre-owned vehicles for the company. This year, Mercedes-Benz has sold a total of 7,519 pre-owned units to date. This is a 15.2 percent improvement over last year’s output for the same period.

Mercedes-Benz USA which is based in Montvale, New Jersey is not only charged with the sales, marketing and service of Mercedes-Benz units in the United States but also with Maybach products. It can be remembered that Mercedes-Benz has posted record sales figure for the whole year in 2006. Last year, they have sold a total of 248,080 units while going on a streak of 13 years of consecutive sales growth. This year, the company seems to be doing good considering that they have already surpassed last year’s year-to-date total for the first two months of the year.

Environmentally Friendly Cars – Full, Parallel, Series, Plug-ins Hybrids Explained

Environmentally Friendly Cars – Full, Parallel, Series, Plug-ins Hybrids Explained

Environmentally Friendly Cars – Full, Parallel, Series, Plug-ins Hybrids Explained

Despite the influx of TV commercials and advertisements on hybrid cars, there is still much mystery about them. Many still do not fully understand what hybrid cars are, except that you know they are more fuel efficient, some use electric energy, some even use no gasoline as fuel, and they all emit much less toxic fumes into the ozone. And they are fondly known as green cars which look futuristic, with aerodynamic designs to boot. And that many of the top car manufacturers of the world produce them. There are brands that top the charts like Toyota Prius, and Honda Insight, and the latest kid on the block is the Chevy Tahoe SUV.

Thankfully, there are a few types of hybrid cars, so you are indeed spoilt for choices. Japanese, American and European Hybrid cars flood the market. But more importantly, you need to understand at least from a functional perspective how these few types of hybrid cars work. Essentially, a Hybrid Car is one which uses two or more forms of power sources to drive the engine.

The Full hybrid is one which can propel forward regardless of whether the hybrid car is at low speed or high speed. Essentially a full hybrid car, is capable of driving using only the electric motor as power source.

The Plug-in Hybrid Car has certain similar characteristics of hybrid cars. They are also are very similar to electric vehicles. In essence they are a cross between both. Plug-in hybrid cars must be recharged externally by connecting a plug to a power source. The combustion engine in plug-in hybrid vehicles is used only as a back up. The Plug-in hybrids can run solely on batteries if you so choose to. The only inconvenience is that the Plug-in hybrid needs to be plugged in daily for recharging.

The Series Hybrid Car has a generator turned on by a fuel engine which either work as a battery charger for the motor or charge batteries. In turn, these batteries work to give energy to the electric motor that propels the transmission, meaning that the series hybrid car most often do not need to use the fuel engine to get power.

The Parallel Hybrid Car does use gasoline fuel at times. The fuel tank gives gasoline to the engine and electric batteries give power to a motor. In parallel, as the name implies, the two motors gives energy to propel the car forward.

Most Hybrid Cars nowadays are parallel hybrid cars. Let us take for example the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight the Lexus GS450, Ford Escape are all fueled hybrids, meaning that they do consume fuel, albeit a fraction of the amount compared to conventional cars.

With such a wide range of hybrid cars available in the market, they hybrid car is indeed a trend here to stay. What you choose should match you driving habits, your lifestyle needs and most importantly, your budget. What with US President Elect driving a hybrid car and endorsing environmentally friendly hybrid cars too.

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