Traffic Lights For Cyclists – The Way Forward?

Traffic Lights For Cyclists – The Way Forward?

Traffic Lights For Cyclists – The Way Forward?

Passing cyclists on the road can be a challenge for Nottingham driving instructors. Learners can be alarmed by the unpredictability and slow pace of cyclists as well as the risk of injuring them by passing too close to them. New plans for the testing of traffic lights for cyclists could possibly make the roads safer and procedures for their use will have to be taught during driving lessons in Nottingham.

The new Dutch style traffic lights for cyclists will be set at eye-level and staggered to give bikes a leading start from traffic light controlled junctions allowing them to get ahead of other traffic, mainly cars. Not exactly a good thing as car drivers will immediately start looking to overtake cycles at the first opportunity. Lorries and commercial vehicles will present a more serious problem owing to their size and lack of manoeuvrability. The inevitable slowing down of traffic flow could lead to worse congestion and even more stress on the roads, particularly at rush hour. This would create a pressure situation at the front of the queue where lack of road space may lead to dangerously close overtaking. It may possibly be safer for cyclists not to take position at the front and wait naturally in the traffic queue. Transport for London is in talks with the government regarding the changes in law necessary for extensive use of the lighting throughout the United Kingdom, but will go ahead and conduct trials using the new technology. Time will tell if the roads become safer. Traffic lighting for cyclists are already used in France, Spain, Denmark, Germany and the United States, with the green light showing a logo of a bicycle. In Holland the lights are used on separate designated cycle lanes and at major junctions. Department for transport figures show that the number of deaths has risen steeply for cyclists whilst overall traffic fatalities are on the decrease.

At many major junctions which already have multiple sets of traffic lights and filter arrows the confusion caused to learner drivers by yet another set of lights could be considerable, especially a green light which comes on prior to the main traffic lights. Inattentive motorists may think that the light is meant for them especially at night or during adverse weather conditions. This would probably lead to many false starts and stalling as the instructor intervenes to stop the car. Many cyclists already completely ignore red traffic lights, even the lights at controlled pedestrian crossings so could not be reasonably expected to conform to the new signals.

Perhaps a more effective way forward would be traffic education for cyclists and some form of testing. At the moment there is no such requirement and anyone can take a bike on the road without even a rudimentary knowledge of traffic signs and signals. Having untrained cyclists moving to the front of a busy traffic queue could present a very real safety issue.

Infiniti G35 Body Kits

Infiniti G35 Body Kits

Make sure that you beautify and show off your Infiniti G35 vehicle by dressing it up and making it look cooler using an Infiniti G35 body kits quality design.

Body kits are made to enhance the appearance of each and every vehicle in the planet. As an exterior modifications for your car, it can transform the old into new and turn the ugly into beautiful. Aside from enhancing a vehicle’s appearance body kits like Infiniti G35 body kits also improves the aerodynamics of your car.

Finding a quality Infiniti G35 body kit is very easy. Either you drive down town and look for local auto shops or you purchase online. If you ask me, purchasing online is better because instead of driving down town and driving through each and every auto shops, why not just click your mouse and look for online sellers or online stores wherein you can browse different body kits and order right away? Purchasing definitely saves you a lot of time, money and effort compared to going outside to do your canvassing. Just make sure to verify the reputation of the online store you will be dealing with. You do not want to add up to the number of people who had fallen victim to scam artists. Protect yourself by investigating and checking if the store or the seller is registered with Better Business Bureau. Having an authentic BBB seal is one guarantee that the store can be trusted. According to BBB, thy ensure that high standards for trust are set and maintained. They exist so consumers and businesses alike have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of trust. They provide educational information and expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible to those who want a secured transaction online. If you are still not satisfied with the services of BBB, the next thing you can do is phone Consumers Advocates. Consumers Advocates should be able to tell you which companies are to be trusted and which companies are to be avoided.

After finding out which store/s can be trusted. Narrow them down and see who offer the best price for you depending on which type of body kit you will buy. There are basically two types: urethane and fiberglass. While the urethane cannot be repaired when damaged, fiberglass can be repaired. Depending on the climate and road structure of your area, a urethane or a fiberglass can suit you.

Finally, the last consideration you have to do is to decide if you are going to install the kit by yourself or have an expert to install it for you. If you ask me, going to a local body shop in your area is a better option rather than installing it by yourself not knowing how to really do it. Experts are experts and they know what they are doing, all you have to do is just watch them and see how they make your car stand out from the rest.

Why You Need A Truck Bed Cover

Why You Need A Truck Bed Cover

Why You Need A Truck Bed Cover

Setting up a superior truck bed cover on your pickup constitutes a perfect idea that should merely enhance your truck’s appearance and worth. You are able to allot a small amount of cash and receive a top that appears nary better than a truck tarp or you can ante up much more money and obtain a truck bed cover that genuinely produces a statement. Somewhere in the midmost region — the place the majority of consumers shop — you’ll be able to locate many more than a couple of reasonably priced covers that are rugged, durable, and attention-getting. A bit truck bed covers appear inexpensive — and it’s true – they are, eventhough other truck bed covers look expensive — when they actually aren’t. Largely, you’ll pay less for a soft-top truck bed cover than for a hard top model. Consequently, it is an affair of individualized preference regarding the truck bed cover you choose.

Easy Maintenance – The manner in which you clean your pickup truck represents the identical way you’ll clean your truck bed cover. But be cautious not to utilize any automobile tire or dashboard cleaning product on it. Just abide by the makers recommendation regarding how to best conserve your cover. The majority of auto supply retail merchanta most likely stock wares explicitly formulated for truck bed cover maintenance.

Safeguard Your Valuables – Whenever you transport expensive stuff in your truck’s bed, think about investing in a locking, hard shell truck bed cover. Some soft covers, such as those made by Truxedo or Extang, are designed with minimal security demands in mind and will primarily keep inquisitive eyes from ascertaining what is in the bed of your pickup truck.

Improve Your Truck’s Overall Value – When you keep your truck appearing and functioning at its peak, a premium truck bed cover should simply hike up your truck’s value. Thus, when the time arrives to sell off your pick-up, you may be able to compel a much better asking price.

Save On Gas – Today’s astronomical gasoline prices translate into thinking of groundbreaking ways to minimize gas usage. One means to attain respectable savings — very much like 10-15% — is to install a truck bed cover on your pickup bed. Once a truck bed cover is situated, the effects of wind drag is significantly minimized. Less drag on your truck translates directly into improved fuel savings.

The majority of truck bed covers include a one year limited warranty. This should suffice for most pickup truck owners. Any respectable online auto parts middleman should provide elaborate information regarding their assorted product offerings, care and maintenance instructions, prices, shipping and handling specifics, and more.

Roll On Bed Liners — The Low Cost Option

Roll On Bed Liners — The Low Cost Option

Roll On Bed Liners — The Low Cost Option

Roll on bed liners are the do-it-yourself way to a better looking truck bed and improved bed protection too. We have lived with a do-it-yourself bed liner for about three years now and here’s what it took to get the liner on.

The Tools and Materials For A Bedliner

The easiest way to get going is to just get a kit. Herculiner is the leading brand with a kit, but now other liner paint companies offer the one stop material solution.

You’ll need the paint for starters. Plan on at least 5 quarts for a full-size truck bed. The more the better. That makes sense when you realize that professional liners consist of about 5 gallons of paint. That’s 5 gallons, not just 5 quarts. So, don’t be satisfied with just a gallon of bed liner paint.

You’ need an applicator, preferably a roller and some cheap brushes. Don’t worry. As the paint dries, it settles and the roller or brush marks just fade away.

Cleaner is a must, but a simple solution is to just get regular automotive grease and wax remover. That’s really the cleaning problem, getting rid of wax and grease.

Then you’ll need masking tape, quite a lot really. You do not want bed liner paint anywhere except where it should be. It’s so sticky, it’s hard to clean it off once it’s where it shouldn’t be.

Finally, don’t forget the sanding material. That can be sanding paper or it can be abrasive pads. In any case, get plenty to get the job done.

Getting Started Right

Clean surfaces are key to paint that sticks. Getting rid of the old wax and grease is a must to get a coat that sticks. Don’t even think about sanding before cleaning. If you do, you drive the wax or grease into the paint. The sanding doesn’t get rid of it. That’s a sure road to peeling paint. So clean first or else.

Acetone is the right solvent, but it’s easy to get as a automotive wax and grease remover.

Sanding For Success

Applying bed liner paint isn’t the place for fine sanding. It’s the place for very aggressive abrasives. See, what you want is a really rough scratched up surface. That’s what helps the paint stick, a really rough surface prep. No fine sanding is required or desired.


After the truck bed is clean and sanded, the hard part is done. Actually putting on paint couldn’t be easier. Partly because the liner paint is so sticky and so thick. It just levels out and sticks almost like a gel coat. You just roll it on and stand back. The paint levels out as it dries and all the roller and brush marks just fade away. It’s easy as pie.

Good And Bad

Applying bed liner paint yourself is a fast way to get a spray-on bed liner look-alike for just a fraction of the cost of a professional model. It really looks almost just like a professional liner but at just a fraction of the cost.

The liner we put on as stood up to hard use for about three years. The bed looks good still, though before lining it was rusty and in sad shape. It is scratched and scarred from use but looks good especially from a few feet away. Here’s what to watch for if you choose this route.

There’s more to this than just rolling on paint. The preparation is the tough part. Do it right or waste your time.

A coating you put on yourself isn’t nearly as durable as a professional spray on liner. That’s mostly because it just isn’t as thick. The professional liner just consists of much more material.

Especially for older pickups with existing bed paint damage, a roll on bed liner makes perfect sense. After living with a roll on coating for three years, I say it’s worth the trouble if you want a cheap bed coating.

Trucking Factoring Guide

Trucking Factoring Guide

Trucking Factoring Guide

Trucking companies can cut out a lot of stress when they make arrangements with truck factoring companies for keeping cash flow ahead of payments due. They have choices now and don’t HAVE to invoice the shippers and wait for their payment. With FACTORING, cash flow is on schedule and their business credit is assured. The factoring companies also offer credit facilities and that is an additional advantage. However, it’s important that the trucking company knows about certain issues involved and follows certain guidelines in choosing and working with a trucking factoring company. 1. When these companies offer you credit, you must ensure that you meet the credit requirements. There are many customers and shippers who do not pay on time and this could affect your relationship with the trucking company. Carry a list of blacklisted customers according to the factoring company and don’t deal with them unless it’s strictly cash upfront!

2. If you don’t find the customer’s name in the blacklisted entries given by the truck factoring company, don’t automatically conclude that the customer is reliable. Check his or her credit status before accepting the load if you are planning on selling the paper.

3. Always keep the original invoices and bills to submit to the factoring company.

4. These truck factoring companies have come into existence to help stabilize revenue for truck company owners. They offer lower interest rates than banks and are reliable. However do not let them dictate terms to you or get intimated by them if yours is a small company or a fledgling one. If you are not happy or satisfied with the service you get, try another one.

5. Before you decide to make a deal with a trucking factoring company, make a background check on them. Today there are a number of fly by night factoring companies that have cheated some trucking companies. Ask around. Talk to other freight companies that have used the services of the Factoring service you plan to use before making the final decision.

6. Study and compare the rates of different factoring companies. Look for hidden charges and most of all, make sure that the company is sound and has built itself a good reputation.

7. Do not jump in too fast for long term contracts however attractive or discounted they may appear. It’s better to start with short term contracts and only when you are fully satisfied with the service thinks of going long term.

Driving a Ford Escape Hybrid

Driving a Ford Escape Hybrid

Driving a Ford Escape Hybrid

The Ford Escape Hybrid was the first battery assisted SUV in the market when it launched in 2004. It is the gasoline-electric powered version of the Ford Escape SUV developed by Ford Motor Company.

The Escape hybrid cars can be identified by the “Hybrid” badges on the doors of the car and near the right tail-gate. Additionally, the driver’s side window is smaller in size so as to accommodate the ventilation slot for the high voltage battery.


No Compromise Hybrid:

Escape Hybrid was the former car to unite SUV capability with outstanding fuel economy and low environmental impact of a full hybrid. This Hybrid car uses no fuel when you are stopped in traffic or in 44mph in full electric mode. It includes comfortable seating for five, a versatile cargo and numerous standard amenities. It also includes an intelligent 4WD system that provides enhanced traction whether the road is covered with gravel or ice or soaked by rain.

34 MPG City:

Running in electric mode, Escape Hybrid uses no fuel when car is stopped in traffic or driven at lower speeds upto 44mph. When 2.5L I-4 engine kicks in, it delivers an out-standing fuel economy of 34mpg in stop-and-go driving situations.

Regenerative Breaking:

When brakes are applied, energy produced in braking process is lost as heat. In Escape Hybrid, electric motor captures energy and sends it back to the battery to store it for later use.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH):

The battery in Escape Hybrid is completely sealed and carefully encased and stored under the flat rear cargo area floor. The regenerative braking charges the battery every time you apply brakes.

Eco-Friendly Seats:

The seat fabric in Escape Hybrid is made of post industrial material polyester fiber. The cushions use bio-based polyurethane foam derived from the oils of various plant seeds.

Drink Driving Facts And Penalties

Drink Driving Facts And Penalties

Drink Driving Facts And Penalties

After you pass your DSA practical test, you get a license to drive on the road. Even if you have passed your test, you should always be careful, alert driver on the road. This is for your own safety as well as for other road users safety.

You should always follow road rules and regulations.

Drink driving is one of the serious driving offence. If you drink and drive, not only are you jeopardising yourself, you are putting other road users at risk.

There are 250 people died due to drink driving and 14% of road accidents were caused by drink driving in 2010. By drinking and driving on the road, you risk your life and those of your passengers and others life. Alcohol can affect your ability to drive, weight, age and body metabolism and increase your stress levels. If you are driving after drinking, the alertness and carefulness will be less and you have trouble to judge your speed and be slower to react to hazards.

If you are planning to drive then alcohol must be avoided. This can help to reduce the no. of persons who killed or injured every year in road accidents due to drink driving. So drive safely and safe your and others life.

The drink driving law is complicated and given the severity of any potential punishment, expert assistance from a qualified solicitor should always be obtained. Many road users are confused by drink drive limits and alcohol levels.

The drink drive limit:

35 microgram’s of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath 107 microgram’s of alcohol per 100 milliliters of urine what 80 milligram’s of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood

If you fail a roadside breath test, the police believe that you aren’t fit to drive because of drinking and you’ll be arrested and taken to a police station.

You may be offered a place on rehabilitation courses. The course teaches you more about the effects of alcohol on driving. The period for which you’re banned from driving will be reduced by up to a quarter, if you have successfully completed the course.

Here is what you can expect when caught for drinking and driving

So drink and drive, is really not worth the risk. Always follow the road rules and regulations. Never drive under the influence of alcohol.

All important aspects of driving like drink driving, speed limits etc are covered in official driving Theory test questions and DSA hazard perception. Most learner drivers prepare the questions just for passing the test and tend to forget once they pass their test. But remember the knowledge gained while preparing for theory test should be applied while using the road every time.

If you are a learner driver and want to pass driving test then prepare with latest driving theory test questions, Driving test cd, Driving test Dvd, hazard perception clips and practical driving test books.

Daimler, Chrysler Break Up Opposed

Daimler, Chrysler Break Up Opposed

Daimler, Chrysler Break Up Opposed

The Chrysler Group’s series of hardships is becoming a burden for its German parent DaimlerChrysler AG. But a member of the DCX’s governing supervisory board said last Friday that he would oppose a deal leading to the breakup of the Auburn Hills automaker.

“We wouldn’t support a solution such as a private equity firm that would cut out choice bits,” said Helmut Lense, one of the ten employee representatives on DaimlerChrysler’s 20-member supervisory board, which is likened to a U.S. board of directors. Lense said that he would prefer to see a manufacturing company, such as another automaker, take control of Chrysler in the event of a sale.

It was earlier reported that DaimlerChrysler is already in talks with potential buyers that include General Motors Corp. and private equity firms Blackstone Group and Cerberus Capital Management LP. These powerful firms, joined by other private entities, aim to acquire the company at some future time.

In February, as DCX reported a $1.5 billion loss for Chrysler, DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche said that the company was considering all options for Chrysler – including a sale that would put an end to the nine-year merger of Daimler-Benz AG and the former Chrysler Corp. It was also in February when the company stressed that all options remain on the table.

Among the possible options, DCX may retain a minority stake of 20 to 30 percent in Chrysler and this is according to people familiar with the sale talks. They said top managers are intent on working out a smooth and rapid deal to minimize management defections and disruption at Chrysler and its dealerships. “We want the best solution for the Chrysler Group, and for DaimlerChrysler,” said one company official who asked not to be named.

A company can only function well if all of its divisions are healthy, Lense said. “You can’t have one part where you’re constantly expecting losses,” he also emphasized. “That is a burden on the whole company.” Lense, the chief employee representative of the huge Untert’rkheim plant in Stuttgart, said that the structural problem which cannot be resolved only by cutting production capacity. He added that Chrysler needs to balance out its model range, and offer more small cars with fuel-efficient engines.

Lense added that Chrysler may need partners to share development costs, although he, like the other employee representatives on the DaimlerChrysler board, opposed a recent deal to have China’s Chery Automobile produce subcompacts for Chrysler. “Chrysler won’t improve its image by selling what are effectively Chinese cars,” he said.

DCX officials declined to comment on potential bidders and their selection criteria. However, an inside source said that DCX had set conditions in recent deals with private equity firms. These conditions include sales of MTU Aero Engines and the company’s off-highway engines unit, which included part of Detroit Diesel.

Willi Diez, the head of the Auto Industry Institute near Stuttgart, said that Chrysler’s problems stand out now because the rest of the company is running smoothly. “The problems at Mercedes are being solved. Mercedes is profitable. The problem of Smart has been solved. Trucks are profitable. Everything runs well at the core business except Chrysler,” Diez said. “The shareholders want to earn money. They have no patience. The lesson for German manufacturing is that they should focus on their own business,” he further mentioned, pointing to the success of BMW AG after the Bavarian carmaker sold Rover Cars in 2000.

Despite the controversy about the potential sale, DCX aims to set forth more powerful lineup. Studies and advancements are inspired by Ford engines, Volvo fuel filter

Driving Theory Test Tips Driving Your Car

Driving Theory Test Tips Driving Your Car

Consider driving less:

In the UK, more carbon dioxide (CO2) comes from people’s car travel than from any other kind of UK transport. Reducing your car travel is a key step to reducing climate change effects and local air pollution.

Nearly a quarter of all car trips are under two miles, a distance you can cycle in less than 15 minutes. Cycling and walking distances under two miles could help you get fitter and save you money in fuel. You could also consider:

* planning ahead so you can combine car trips * car sharing * using public transport

Practical driving test tips for car drivers:

Before driving off: Making life easier for your engine can mean you use less fuel and produce fewer emissions.

Pump up your tyres: Under-inflated tyres create more resistance, making your engine work harder. This can increase your fuel consumption by up to 3 per cent.

Adjusting your tyres regularly, especially before long journeys, can help your car use less fuel and could increase the life of the tyres. Cars with heavier loads may need different air pressure and over-inflating tyres can be unsafe, so check your car manual for the correct pressure.

Tyres that lessen resistance: Some tyres are designed to reduce resistance between the tyre and the road surface (known as ‘rolling resistance’). Low rolling resistance tyres help to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. From November 2012, tyre dealers will give information on tyres’ rolling resistance, wet grip performance and noise. Rolling resistance will be rated from A (best) to G (worst). Information may be provided for many tyres before November 2012 – ask your tyre dealer when you’re next buying tyres.

Clear out any extra weight: Remove unnecessary clutter and roof racks. This will reduce your car’s weight and air resistance.

Have your vehicle serviced regularly: Well-maintained cars in good condition tend to run more efficiently. Check how often your car should be serviced by looking in the owner’s manual or contacting the vehicle manufacturer.

If you carry out any work yourself, remember that waste from car maintenance (like old engine oil) is often hazardous. Dispose of it safely using council waste facilities.

Plan your route : Planning your route in advance, and using a map or satnav (satellite navigation system), can help you take the shortest route and avoid getting lost (For car and motorbike theory test).

While driving your car: Travelling at a constant 37 mph in fifth gear uses 25 per cent less fuel than in third gear. Following the smarter driving tips below could cut your CO2 emissions by around 8 per cent. This could add up to an annual fuel saving of up to one month per year.

Drive at an appropriate speed:

Driving at 50 miles per hour (mph) instead of 70 mph can improve fuel economy by 25 per cent. Driving at slower speeds also gives you time to anticipate traffic ahead, helping you drive more smoothly.

Speed up and slow down smoothly: Every time you stop and start, your engine uses more fuel and produces more emissions. Check the road ahead and slow down early, giving the traffic time to start moving again before you reach it. You can then speed up again without needing to stop.

Change gears at the right time: Changing up gears a little earlier can reduce revs per minute (rpm) and reduce your fuel usage. If you drive a diesel car, try shifting up when the rev counter reaches 2,000 rpm. For a petrol car, change up at 2,500 rpm. Remember to change down a gear at the right time too – if your car is struggling, it will also use more fuel.

Avoid leaving your engine running: If you’re likely to be at a standstill for more than three minutes, switch off the engine. When the engine is idling, you’re wasting fuel.

Source: DSA

Honda’s Frustrations At Bahrain Grand Prix

Honda’s Frustrations At Bahrain Grand Prix

The 15th of April is the day that the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix was held at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain. The race is the third round of the 2007 Formula One season and it is also where team Honda suffered a frustrating race with only one driver making it to the checkered flag.

This year’s Bahrain Grand Prix was won by the Brazilian Felipe Massa who was driving for the Scuderia Ferrari. Podium finishers include the rookie Lewis Hamilton driving for McLaren Mercedes at second, and Finn Kimi Raikkonen driving for Ferrari in third place. After the race in Bahrain, Hamilton set a record by becoming the first Formula One driver to ever have achieved podium finishes on his first three races as a Formula One driver.

While Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes are enjoying success at the 2007 Formula One season, team Honda is currently suffering a frustrating start to the 2007 season.

During the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix, a four-vehicle accident eliminated Honda’s Jenson Button from the contention. After the said accident which involved David Coulthard, Adrian Sutil, Scott Speed and Button, Honda faced the fact that they have only a car remaining in the race. At the opening lap of the race, Jenson Button accidentally hit the back of David Coulthard’s car. After that, his car’s anti-stall mechanism failed stopping the engine which forces Button to retire during the early stage of the race. Honda’s other driver is former Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello.

After the Honda bumper or the nose of the Barrichello’s F1 car crossed the finish line, the team only managed to grab a 13th place finish at the race. The savvy veteran used a two-stop strategy during the race which saw him battling it out in the tracks with Ralf Schumacher. His subsequent finish allowed Honda technicians to gather date concerning his and Button’s cars. The data gathered will be used by the team’s engineers to improve their performance on the next race of the season.

After the race, Rubens Barrichello has this to say about his performance and what he thinks the future holds for the team: ?Well I finished the race at least but that s very little consolation. The track conditions were so blustery and the car driveability was terrible, so it was a really tough race, especially knowing that we couldn’t be competitive. Now we have to put a disappointing few races behind us and look to what we can do to improve the car. There is a great deal of hard work ahead of us but we will get there, I m sure.?

As far as his performance and early exit, Jenson Button has this to say: ?Got a good start and made up at least three places then at turn 2 Taku (Sato) ran wide, tried to squeeze me and I had nowhere to go so I had to go on the dirt on the inside. Then in turn 3 I had Coulthard and someone else fighting around me. DC went wide then cut back sharp and again I had nowhere to go. We touched and that spun me round then the anti-stall didn’t cut in, I stalled and that was the end of my race after just three corners.?

‘the track conditions out there were very slippery and windy so it will have been a tough race for everyone,? Button says of the track. ‘sadly, I wasn’t part of it,? lamented Button.

After the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix, the teams will have a four-week break before the next race, the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix. Honda will be using that time improves their car’s performance which they hope will earn them a podium finish at the next race.

On the 13th of May, the team’s engineer’s efforts to improve Button’s and Barrichello’s cars will be put to the ultimate test as they battle with Spanish Fernando Alonso of McLaren and the rest of the Formula One roster.