Appreciating The Lincoln Mark Vi

Appreciating The Lincoln Mark Vi

Appreciating The Lincoln Mark Vi

For four whole model years, the Lincoln Mark VI lived fully. It was in production starting from the year 1980. Its time to shine on the roads and on the streets was cut short come 1983. The Lincoln Mark VI has been made available in two body styles that comprise of a coupe and a sedan. The coupe held two doors while on the other hand, the sedan held two doors more. The power source for this vehicle was a choice between two capable engines which were the 5.0 liter V8 engine and the 5.9 liter V8 engine. The Lincoln Mark VI was considered to be a part of the whole Lincoln Mark line of vehicles from the Ford Motor Company’s luxurious Lincoln division. In truth, this vehicle is more or less a carryover or a reskinned Lincoln Mark V.

Upon the introduction of the Lincoln Mark VI, the vehicle contained only very few changes as compared to its predecessor which was the Lincoln Mark V. In fact, most people noticed that the changes were only small and minor revisions in the design and style. Although people also noticed that the Lincoln Mark VI was crafted and manufactured to be slightly smaller than the vehicle which came before it. The most noticeable among all minor changes were the new headlight covers that the Lincoln Mark VI sported around. The vehicle also was a proud owner of a new steering wheel design. The hallmark opera windows that the Lincoln Mark V had were still continued in the Lincoln Mark VI. Along with these windows were the grille that held a Rolls Royce styling and design; and also the rear tire hump.

The changes made the Lincoln Mark VI look kind of awkward provide not much appeal, and thus it held not much appeal. However, this kind of styling and design has made Lincoln think of a project that would bring the vehicle in the limelight. What it did was it asked four designers to individually design and style a Lincoln Mark VI their way. This brought about popularity to the car. And along with that popularity came the reputation of being one of the most sought after vehicles for vehicle and car collectors.

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How To Feel Like The King Of The Hill By

How To Feel Like The King Of The Hill By

How To Feel Like The King Of The Hill By Using The Professional Limo Service

You should not believe that the limo services are just for the wealthy people because this is not the case. On the contrary, you should consider this Car Service as the perfect way to treat your own guest or even your family without ruining yourself. The nowadays limo services are to be regarded as really affordable ones and you will not have to worry about your budget anymore. Therefore, if you are highly interested in traveling in comfort and style, you should browse the internet in order to find the perfect Car Service for you.

If traveling remains one of the most important parts of your life, you should choose the quality Limo Service. You will have to make all the necessary travel arrangements together with the limo company in order to travel safe and well. The limo transportation is to be regarded as the best way in order to take care of every special occasion; such services can be booked and rented in order for you to make sure they will remain available for you.

The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is that the Limo Service can provide you with the luxury ride of your life. But such special services can also be used in order to take care of other travel opportunities. For instance, if you have reached an unfamiliar location, you can use this Car Service in order to travel. You will be able to avoid all the possible hassle that may be related to such unfamiliar places by using the limo services that are usually available in the airports.

But you should book for such limo services in advance in order to make sure they will remain available for you and your family. By booking for these services, you will make sure that the limo will be there for you. The vehicle will be waiting and you will be able to use it as soon as you reach the airport without having to wait or look for other services. Even the chauffeur is likely to help you and your family with the luggage; he will also make sure that you will reach your destination in a comfortable and safe manner.

For instance, if you must travel far, you should take full advantage of all the amenities that are usually provided by the limo services. For instance, you can watch movies while enjoying your traveling experience. The only thing that you will have to do is to book the limo service in advance in order to provide yourself with all its quality services. By booking this service, you will make sure that your travel is going to be more convenient and easier. You will reach your destination in no time without experiencing stressful moments.

You will be able to enjoy your trip by taking full advantage of the luxury ride. You will be able to enjoy the comfort too. Therefore, by booking the limo services, you will make sure that you will be provided with the right and professional services. For instance, by booking the services of a particular limo company, you will be provided with all the time in the world in order to make sure that this is the company you want for you and your family. You will make sure that you will be provided with the right service for all your future traveling services.

But if you are highly interested in choosing the best limo service, you should take your time and shop around. Therefore, you should check out as many limo companies as you can in order to make the wisest choice without ruining yourself. You will have to plan the budget in order to find out which type of limo service you can afford. You have to compare all the limo services because such services are likely to come along with various features, services and rates.

You will need to compare these services in order to establish the right one for your family. You should ask some questions and browse the internet in order to provide yourself with all the information you need. For instance, you can try and check the limo by yourself in order to see whether it will meet your traveling demands or not. You should make sure that the vehicle is clean enough and in good condition for each of your future travels.

You should try and discuss all the details with every limo company you are interested in order to establish whether a particular company can meet your conditions and traveling details. The next thing you should do is to sign up the contract with the limo company you like because this is the best protection for you. Just make sure that you look closer to all the details before signing up the contract.

Infiniti G35 Body Kits

Infiniti G35 Body Kits

Make sure that you beautify and show off your Infiniti G35 vehicle by dressing it up and making it look cooler using an Infiniti G35 body kits quality design.

Body kits are made to enhance the appearance of each and every vehicle in the planet. As an exterior modifications for your car, it can transform the old into new and turn the ugly into beautiful. Aside from enhancing a vehicle’s appearance body kits like Infiniti G35 body kits also improves the aerodynamics of your car.

Finding a quality Infiniti G35 body kit is very easy. Either you drive down town and look for local auto shops or you purchase online. If you ask me, purchasing online is better because instead of driving down town and driving through each and every auto shops, why not just click your mouse and look for online sellers or online stores wherein you can browse different body kits and order right away? Purchasing definitely saves you a lot of time, money and effort compared to going outside to do your canvassing. Just make sure to verify the reputation of the online store you will be dealing with. You do not want to add up to the number of people who had fallen victim to scam artists. Protect yourself by investigating and checking if the store or the seller is registered with Better Business Bureau. Having an authentic BBB seal is one guarantee that the store can be trusted. According to BBB, thy ensure that high standards for trust are set and maintained. They exist so consumers and businesses alike have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of trust. They provide educational information and expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible to those who want a secured transaction online. If you are still not satisfied with the services of BBB, the next thing you can do is phone Consumers Advocates. Consumers Advocates should be able to tell you which companies are to be trusted and which companies are to be avoided.

After finding out which store/s can be trusted. Narrow them down and see who offer the best price for you depending on which type of body kit you will buy. There are basically two types: urethane and fiberglass. While the urethane cannot be repaired when damaged, fiberglass can be repaired. Depending on the climate and road structure of your area, a urethane or a fiberglass can suit you.

Finally, the last consideration you have to do is to decide if you are going to install the kit by yourself or have an expert to install it for you. If you ask me, going to a local body shop in your area is a better option rather than installing it by yourself not knowing how to really do it. Experts are experts and they know what they are doing, all you have to do is just watch them and see how they make your car stand out from the rest.

Daimler, Chrysler Break Up Opposed

Daimler, Chrysler Break Up Opposed

Daimler, Chrysler Break Up Opposed

The Chrysler Group’s series of hardships is becoming a burden for its German parent DaimlerChrysler AG. But a member of the DCX’s governing supervisory board said last Friday that he would oppose a deal leading to the breakup of the Auburn Hills automaker.

“We wouldn’t support a solution such as a private equity firm that would cut out choice bits,” said Helmut Lense, one of the ten employee representatives on DaimlerChrysler’s 20-member supervisory board, which is likened to a U.S. board of directors. Lense said that he would prefer to see a manufacturing company, such as another automaker, take control of Chrysler in the event of a sale.

It was earlier reported that DaimlerChrysler is already in talks with potential buyers that include General Motors Corp. and private equity firms Blackstone Group and Cerberus Capital Management LP. These powerful firms, joined by other private entities, aim to acquire the company at some future time.

In February, as DCX reported a $1.5 billion loss for Chrysler, DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche said that the company was considering all options for Chrysler – including a sale that would put an end to the nine-year merger of Daimler-Benz AG and the former Chrysler Corp. It was also in February when the company stressed that all options remain on the table.

Among the possible options, DCX may retain a minority stake of 20 to 30 percent in Chrysler and this is according to people familiar with the sale talks. They said top managers are intent on working out a smooth and rapid deal to minimize management defections and disruption at Chrysler and its dealerships. “We want the best solution for the Chrysler Group, and for DaimlerChrysler,” said one company official who asked not to be named.

A company can only function well if all of its divisions are healthy, Lense said. “You can’t have one part where you’re constantly expecting losses,” he also emphasized. “That is a burden on the whole company.” Lense, the chief employee representative of the huge Untert’rkheim plant in Stuttgart, said that the structural problem which cannot be resolved only by cutting production capacity. He added that Chrysler needs to balance out its model range, and offer more small cars with fuel-efficient engines.

Lense added that Chrysler may need partners to share development costs, although he, like the other employee representatives on the DaimlerChrysler board, opposed a recent deal to have China’s Chery Automobile produce subcompacts for Chrysler. “Chrysler won’t improve its image by selling what are effectively Chinese cars,” he said.

DCX officials declined to comment on potential bidders and their selection criteria. However, an inside source said that DCX had set conditions in recent deals with private equity firms. These conditions include sales of MTU Aero Engines and the company’s off-highway engines unit, which included part of Detroit Diesel.

Willi Diez, the head of the Auto Industry Institute near Stuttgart, said that Chrysler’s problems stand out now because the rest of the company is running smoothly. “The problems at Mercedes are being solved. Mercedes is profitable. The problem of Smart has been solved. Trucks are profitable. Everything runs well at the core business except Chrysler,” Diez said. “The shareholders want to earn money. They have no patience. The lesson for German manufacturing is that they should focus on their own business,” he further mentioned, pointing to the success of BMW AG after the Bavarian carmaker sold Rover Cars in 2000.

Despite the controversy about the potential sale, DCX aims to set forth more powerful lineup. Studies and advancements are inspired by Ford engines, Volvo fuel filter

Honda’s Frustrations At Bahrain Grand Prix

Honda’s Frustrations At Bahrain Grand Prix

The 15th of April is the day that the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix was held at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain. The race is the third round of the 2007 Formula One season and it is also where team Honda suffered a frustrating race with only one driver making it to the checkered flag.

This year’s Bahrain Grand Prix was won by the Brazilian Felipe Massa who was driving for the Scuderia Ferrari. Podium finishers include the rookie Lewis Hamilton driving for McLaren Mercedes at second, and Finn Kimi Raikkonen driving for Ferrari in third place. After the race in Bahrain, Hamilton set a record by becoming the first Formula One driver to ever have achieved podium finishes on his first three races as a Formula One driver.

While Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes are enjoying success at the 2007 Formula One season, team Honda is currently suffering a frustrating start to the 2007 season.

During the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix, a four-vehicle accident eliminated Honda’s Jenson Button from the contention. After the said accident which involved David Coulthard, Adrian Sutil, Scott Speed and Button, Honda faced the fact that they have only a car remaining in the race. At the opening lap of the race, Jenson Button accidentally hit the back of David Coulthard’s car. After that, his car’s anti-stall mechanism failed stopping the engine which forces Button to retire during the early stage of the race. Honda’s other driver is former Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello.

After the Honda bumper or the nose of the Barrichello’s F1 car crossed the finish line, the team only managed to grab a 13th place finish at the race. The savvy veteran used a two-stop strategy during the race which saw him battling it out in the tracks with Ralf Schumacher. His subsequent finish allowed Honda technicians to gather date concerning his and Button’s cars. The data gathered will be used by the team’s engineers to improve their performance on the next race of the season.

After the race, Rubens Barrichello has this to say about his performance and what he thinks the future holds for the team: ?Well I finished the race at least but that s very little consolation. The track conditions were so blustery and the car driveability was terrible, so it was a really tough race, especially knowing that we couldn’t be competitive. Now we have to put a disappointing few races behind us and look to what we can do to improve the car. There is a great deal of hard work ahead of us but we will get there, I m sure.?

As far as his performance and early exit, Jenson Button has this to say: ?Got a good start and made up at least three places then at turn 2 Taku (Sato) ran wide, tried to squeeze me and I had nowhere to go so I had to go on the dirt on the inside. Then in turn 3 I had Coulthard and someone else fighting around me. DC went wide then cut back sharp and again I had nowhere to go. We touched and that spun me round then the anti-stall didn’t cut in, I stalled and that was the end of my race after just three corners.?

‘the track conditions out there were very slippery and windy so it will have been a tough race for everyone,? Button says of the track. ‘sadly, I wasn’t part of it,? lamented Button.

After the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix, the teams will have a four-week break before the next race, the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix. Honda will be using that time improves their car’s performance which they hope will earn them a podium finish at the next race.

On the 13th of May, the team’s engineer’s efforts to improve Button’s and Barrichello’s cars will be put to the ultimate test as they battle with Spanish Fernando Alonso of McLaren and the rest of the Formula One roster.

Get Prepared to Be Nice to Your Car

Get Prepared to Be Nice to Your Car

Get Prepared to Be Nice to Your Car

Imagine yourself driving alone in the evening in a deserted road when suddenly, the car stopped. You didn’t see it coming and there was a sudden panic attack that you couldn’t even think what to do first. Should you go out and check the engine? What about the tires? And if you go out and check the engine and the tires, do you even know what to do? Are you familiar with the belts, the compressors and the oil? What about the tires? Do you know anything about tire pressure and when it is necessary to change them?

If you don’t know anything about these things, then it is understandable that you get panic attacks whenever you get stuck on the road with your car down.

Be in the Know

As a driver, you have to be one with your car. You have to be able to feel when your car is in good condition or when your car is having problems. You should be able to feel it with just how your car glides to the road as you drive, just as how your engines sound or how smooth your car turns to the left and right. You can sense it all. Now if you think there’s a problem, it’s you, the driver, who should be the first man to check out what’s happening, especially if you are far from repair shops and maintenance centres.

There are available readings or reference materials available in the Internet. However, these materials are limited. Those who have the price to pay can download different repair manuals which are available online. If you own a Mercedes Benz, there is an available Mercedes repair manual that you can read which will help you understand how your Mercedes Benz works and how to go about it in case the engine, the exterior and the interior get in trouble. There is also a Haynes manual onlinewhich is helpful to anybody who would like to master the about different car systems. Haynes manual online is one of the most downloaded manuals.

Do It Yourself Repair

Most of the usual problems drivers encounter in their daily driving are really not complicated. Usually, they are simple problems that arise due to the negligence of the drivers themselves just like forgetting to check the oil level of the car engine. The cause of sudden stopage due to drying up of oil may cause you inconvenience. When this happens, you just have to secure enough oil to for replacement

Another usual problem is flat tires. To prevent this from happening, you have to regularly check the pressure of the tires. It is also advised that you have a reserve tire on your car all the time. Having a Mercedes repair manual at hand all the time will give you background on changing tires. In this way, you armed with the knowledge of doing car repairs by more information please visit:-

Kia Adds To Its Lineup The Cee?d Sporty Wagon

Kia Adds To Its Lineup The Cee?d Sporty Wagon

Kia Adds To Its Lineup The Cee?d Sporty Wagon

Last year, Kia has unveiled their cee’d hatchback at the Paris Motor Show. The sporty look of the hatchback has endeared it a large number of motorists. Not only is its exterior looks the good thing about this car, its interior is also of high aesthetic value with its three-spoke steering wheel and fashionable trim. With the success of the hatchback, Kia is counting on that momentum to transfer to their unveiling of the cee’d Sporty Wagon. The sport wagon version of the cee’d will make its debut at the upcoming 2007 Geneva Motor Show on March 6 this year.

The cee’d is slated to be available on dealership by August of this year. Jean-Charles Lievens, Senior Vice-President of Kia Motors Europe has this to say about the Kia cee’d Sport Wagon: ‘the new Kia cee’d Sporty Wagon retains all the attributes of the cee’d hatchback and offers consumers extra practicality and versatility, with a unique extended tailgate design, while keeping stylish stand-alone good looks with a truly sporty feel. With ride, handling, and performance every bit as responsive as the hatchback, the Sporty Wagon will be available with a similar choice of engines and specifications. The Sporty Wagon is sure to delight existing Kia customers and to attract European customers who have not yet considered our brand.?

The Kia’s 4.5-meter long frame gives it the advantage of more luggage space compared to the hatchback. The passenger and cargo space of the cee’d Sporty Wagon is the best in its class. The wagon version is also equipped with technologically advanced features from entertainment to safety. Customers are also given a wide selection of trim packages. Kia has provided a lineup of 18 Sporty Wagons with a choice from three different equipment levels, five engines, manual or automatic transmission and a host of other optional features. This wide variety of choice makes it possible for consumers to buy a car that will suit them very well like how a Volvo strut mount fits perfectly into the steering suspension mix of a Volvo.

The luggage capacity of the cee’d Sporty Wagon is 534 liters which is almost 200 liters more than that of the hatchback version. The overall length of the Sporty Wagon is 235 millimeters longer than the hatchback. Most of that increase can be found behind the rear wheels. The Sporty Wagon is also 10 millimeters taller than the hatchback. This increase in dimension of the Sporty Wagon does little to affect its handling which is as responsive as that of the hatchback version. What Lievens is talking about when he said that the Sporty Wagon has a unique extended tailgate design is the reduced upswing and outswings of the tailgate. This is made possible by moving the tailgate’s hinges 225 millimeters forward, this design development allows users to stand closer to the car when opening or closing the tailgate.

The unveiling of the cee’d Sporty Wagon is the logical step of progression for the Asian car manufacturers following the release of the hatchback version of the cee’d. To complete the cee’d family; Kia is scheduled to introduce to the market a Sporty Hatch version in December of this year. The trio represents the first generation of Kia cars to be designed and manufactured in Europe. This is a huge step forward for the Asian car maker in making their presence known in the global market. Another thing that makes Kia cars more appealing to buyers is its warranty. The car manufacturer offers a seven-year/ 150,000 kilometers warranty for the cee’d family which is transferable to succeeding owners.

Mercedes-benz And Your Safety

Mercedes-benz And Your Safety

Mercedes-benz And Your Safety

Volvo has long been attributed with being the number one automobile manufacturer when it comes to vehicular safety and rightly so. As an inventor of ?crumple zones? and ‘safety cages? to protect passengers, Volvo set the tone for worldwide auto building for the next several generations. Indeed, the auto industry owes much to Volvo’s many safety contributions. Not to be lost in all of this is the work that Mercedes-Benz has been doing to improve passenger safety too. Taking the Volvo concept one step further, Mercedes now incorporates several technological advances with their vehicles in order to provide the safest riding experience available. Let’s take a look at Mercedes? PRE-SAFE system and how it can protect you and your passengers.

I must admit that the first time I heard about Mercedes? new safety system I had thought that it was something that was still years away from becoming available. How wrong I was! The PRE-SAFE system, as it is called, is a terrific way to enhance passenger safety and one that should be adopted by other automakers. Yes, I am sure that it isn’t a cheap system but as it is with so many technological advances the price is bound to drop and the system or something like it will become widely available across the board.

Introduced with select Mercedes models in 2003, the PRE-SAFE system automatically kicks in moments before a collision. All it takes is a panic stop or a skid and the system is set in motion; here is what occupants can expect moments before a crash occurs:

Snug in place. Passenger seat belts automatically tighten to prepare occupants for a crash.

Snug in place, part two. Along with the seat belts, air cushions on the sides of the seats inflate to keep people in position.

Seat movements. Headrests and seats automatically move to predetermined positions that provide optimum protection for occupants.

Close it up. Windows automatically shut to offer the best support for side-curtain air bags and cars equipped with a moon roof will find that it has closed up in the event of a rollover.

Since its introduction, PRE-SAFE has been expanded to additional Mercedes models and the original technology is constantly being tweaked and improved upon.

New technology being developed by Mercedes includes the development of a radar sensor to track vehicles running a red light and slamming into your car. Once this technology has been readied, it will take the PRE-SAFE system one step further and offer occupants one more way to avoid serious injury.

So, is Volvo behind in the development of crash preparation technology? Not a chance. Volvo released its Whiplash Protection Seating System in 2000 that prepares passengers for a rear hit by adjusting the seating position to minimize impact. In addition, the company is working on a radar system that can detect when a driver drifts out of his lane. This feature will also utilize an electronic eye to keep an eye on blind spots not seen through the side mirrors.

Ultimately, a defensive driver is the best driver, but there are times when situations are completely out of your control. Mercedes? PRE-SAFE system is certain to be a big help and is likely to reduce serious injuries and even prevent some deaths. Technology at its best!

Sell Antique Car: Knowing The Value

Sell Antique Car: Knowing The Value

Sell Antique Car: Knowing The Value

Before you sell an antique car it is a good idea to find out its true worth and to also find ways and means that will help you realize maximum value for the car rather than simply selling your car to the first buyer. One way to maximize the value of your antique car is to find out how many other such cars are being put up for sale and to then compare their prices so that you get an idea as to how much your antique car will fetch.

Identify Best Source

You need to also identify the best source for sell antique car and this you can do by staying ahead of the competition by checking out databases of antique cars being put up for sale as too checking out results of previous antique car sales. Furthermore, by checking a database such as the one created by CollectorCarNet you can know which the best venue is for selling an antique car at the highest price.

You can become a member with CollectorCarNet which will then allow you to get valuable insights and also advice regarding preparing your antique car so that when you go out to actually sell your antique car you are well prepared and chances of getting the best price is maximized. You also need to pay special heed to the word ‘Provenance’ when it comes to selling antique car.

This word that means history of ownership of an object can be used when selling antique car to show the authenticity as well as accuracy of the vehicle, its racing history as well as ownership. When you are able to show the maintenance record of your antique care and also records pertaining to its restoration buyers will be more likely to pay a good price for your antique car.

Of course, if your antique car is truly rare then it should not be difficult to realize a good price for it and so a 1966 Serie-2 Ferrari 275 GTB/C would fetch a whopping between four and five million dollars and so with the right provenance you can expect to sell antique car for maximum value.

It certainly pays to know how to sell antique cars online and the good news is that there are numerous options available where you can sell antique cars. With so many sites devoted to this pursuit you need only search online using some of the more popular search engines and you will find a plethora of options where you will find buyers that are searching online to buy antique cars.

Audi Cmo Talks About ‘sense? And ‘soul?

Audi Cmo Talks About ‘sense? And ‘soul?

Audi Cmo Talks About ‘sense? And ‘soul?

Audi has started to set their sight on expanding their popularity in the United States luxury car market. In order for Audi of America to expand their success in the U.S., Johan de Nysschen, the Executive Vice President of Audi of America, appointed Scott Keogh as the Chief Marketing Officer last year.

Keogh, at a young age of 37 has already held various positions in Mercedes-Benz before jumping ship to join the other German car maker. Keogh recently talked with the AIADA Contributing Editor Marty Bernstein about his vision for the surging German brand.

When asked about how their company can grow in the United States, he pointed out two things that are essential to achieve the said feat. According to Keogh, he calls the first factor ‘sense? and the other one he calls ‘soul?. With regards to ‘sense?, Keogh has this to say: ?In the sense quotient are elements of safety, value, quality, residual value. So, people will say, ?I trust this brand, it makes sense?. As far as ‘soul? is concerned, he stated that it is about ?performance, sexiness, the cool factor and the emotion the car inspires.?

Keogh stated that through the years, their company has focused on the ‘sense? area. He cited that the high residual value of their cars as an example of their achievements in the ‘sense? area. He added that ?Consumer Reports just recommended four of our cars for the first time ever; we?ve just had the highest CSI scores we?ve ever had; NHTSA just gave the A6 the award for the safest large car on the road? as part of their achievements. He also further said that their 100 exclusive dealers are an essential part of their recent success. Approximately 270 dealerships in the U.S. are selling Audi vehicles. He added that they still want to increase the number of their dedicated dealerships to increase sales. Increasing the number of dealerships means that they will cover more area, making them more accessible to car buyers.

As far as ‘soul? is concerned, Keogh has this to say: ?Audi has always been the very polite, reserved gentleman at a cocktail party who is holding a very interesting, informative and endearing conversation with someone. Now, we want to get our shoulders back, get out there and express ourselves.? To help them get that message out to the public, Keogh set out to find a new ad agency.

He has this to say about their selection of the new ad agencies: ?My colleague, Stephen Berkov and I went around to a number of agencies and we picked four. We were confident in our selection and felt no need to cast a wider review net. We held the conversations we needed to hold and knew these four were going to give us what we needed.?

The four ad agencies picked out by the duo which is consisted of BBH, Fallon, McKinney, and Venables, Bell & Partners. These four agencies will be charged with the popularizing the Audi brand in the U.S., as popular as EBC rotors to automotive enthusiasts.