Goodyear Shares Tire Care Tips

Goodyear Shares Tire Care Tips

Goodyear Shares Tire Care Tips

In the auto industry, this week is being observed as the National Tire Safety Week. In connection with this, Goodyear, the third largest tire company in the world, shares their set of tire care tips to drivers and vehicle owners.

Taking care of one’s vehicle’s tires is one good step to avoid accidents. Improperly inflated tires can lead to blowouts, and if such a thing happens while a driver is going very fast, there is a risk that he or she may lose control of the car which can result to accidents.

According to researchers in this field, motorists regard a car’s tire as the second most important safety feature of their cars next only to the brakes. While that may be the case, the researchers also found out that only a third of the correspondents know how to properly check their tires.

To increase awareness among drivers on how to make their car safer by properly checking their tires, Goodyear has come up with different tips. Brett Ponton, the Vice-President for Goodyear Retail, has this to say: ?Checking tires for proper inflation and tread condition is one of the most critical – and easiest – maintenance procedures for a consumer. It doesn’t take much time or sophisticated equipment. Drivers can check their tires by themselves, or any of our retail outlets would be happy to provide the service.?

Indeed, checking one’s tires needs little or no help from auto mechanics or technicians. It is just a matter of knowing how to do it properly and Goodyear aims to provide that knowledge to motorists.

Experts from the tire company advise motorists to check on their tires periodically or before an extended road trip. One of the tips shared by Goodyear is that motorists should inflate their tires according to manufacture specifications. It is one of the most common faults of car owners to inflate their car’s tires based on the maximum limit of a tire as specified in its sidewall. One reason for this is that, car manufacturers have gone to great lengths to find out how much a car’s tire should be inflated in order for it to support a vehicle’s weight properly without risk of abnormal wear and tear.

The problem by inflating a tire to its maximum limit is that it is prone to over inflation which can lead to blowouts. During extended trips, over inflated tires are subjected to a high degree of heat which can then damage the tire’s structure badly. It would also be a good idea to increase the efficiency of one’s tires by complementing it with high quality suspension parts such as Bilstein shocks.

The tire company is also offering other tire care programs to consumers aside from their tips. One of these includes a consumer booklet loaded with information concerning proper tire care. The said booklet called ‘the Complete Tire Safety Guide? is published by Goodyear and is available to consumers from Goodyear retailers around the United States. Another booklet, the ?Be Tire Smart, Play Your PART?, will also be distributed by Goodyear retailers. The second booklet contains information about ‘the importance of inflation pressure, wheel alignment, tire rotation and visual checks of tire tread.? The tire company also invites consumers to visit , their official web site, where they will have access to more information concerning tire care. Visitors of the said website can also ask for a copy of ?A Guide to Tire Safety?.

The world-famous Goodyear blimps will also be used by the tire company in the celebration of the National Tire Safety Week. The said blimps will flash messages urging consumers to check tire pressure and tread wear. Aside from this, Goodyear-owned outlets will provide free tire checkup for consumers.

‘through these efforts, if we could grab consumers’ attention, and help them to understand that proper maintenance of vehicles and tires translates into increased automotive safety, optimum driving performance and significant cost savings, they would more likely take care of their tires,? said Ponton in conclusion.