Winch Tech: An In-depth Look At Winches

Winch Tech: An In-depth Look At Winches

Winch Tech: An In-depth Look At Winches

Winches are a quickly growing product market in the off road parts industry. Along with big name companies like Mile Marker or Warn winches offering up contributions, smaller niche-market companies are beginning to join the fray.

While the general premise of off road recovery and utility has remained the same, new advancements in winch technology make choosing the right winch more difficult than one might suspect.

Whether it’s a military-grade Mile Marker hydraulic or sophisticated X-series Warn winches, it’s no secret that a winch is a complicated piece of equipment, but then who could expect any differently.

Here we’ll take a closer look at several parts that make up a winch, taking into consideration more technical factors that normally go overlooked when ultimately deciding on one to purchase.

The Framework of a Winch

Think of a winch as its own individual vehicle with its own internal components. Listed here are the interrelated pieces that come together to deliver enough power to pull a few tons out of a jam.

Keep in mind that items like winch rope, fairleads, or other such universal winch parts are not the focus here, but rather parts that are factors in the makeup of a winch.


Winches come in different drivetrain configurations, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. While there is no do-all universal drivetrain system that can handle anything and everything that comes its way, the good news is it’s hard to make a wrong choice.

Here are the 3 types of drivetrains most commonly found in winches:

Spur Gear: The basic design of a Spur Gear winch dates back to the 1960s, yet still remains a practical choice today. Spur Gear winches excel at providing dependable winching with a faster line speed than other drivetrain types; however, this comes at the cost of less stability when holding loads, particularly without a strong brake.

Worm Gear: Think of Worm Gear Drivetrains as something of a polar opposite of Spur Gear drivetrains. They specialize in holding and lowering heavy loads, making them ideal for industrial and workman application — you’ll find many tow trucks equipped with Worm Gear drivetrains. On the other hand, the main drawback is their slower pulling speed.

Planetary Gear: Planetary Gear drivetrains are like the healthy median between Spur and Worm Gear ones. They offer middle-ground line speed and load holding, which is more than enough to handle most any situation.

Additionally, Planetary Gear drivetrains have been optimized over the years. Their more compact and lightweight composition makes them the most cost-efficient of the 3 drivetrain types.

On the downside, heat-accumulation, particularly in or around the brake components, is something of an issue with Planetary Gear drivetrains, and should be monitored closely during operation.


As if different drivetrain types didn’t complicate a purchase decision enough already, a winch motor is also a factor in choosing your winch. Thankfully, there are only two kinds of winch motors to consider.

Permanent Magnetic (PM): Permanent Magentic motor winches are for those who don’t find themselves in dire recovery situations very often. They produce a decent amount of pulling power with more energy efficiency, and also typically cost less. Many lower capacity model Smittybilt, Superwinch, T-Max and Warn winches offer PM motors.

Unfortunately, PM motor winches might not have the steam to get you out of the most difficult and heavy duty jams. They also don’t hold up well in colder weather, and are less tolerant to heat buildup during a strenuous pull.

Series Wound (SW): For the hardcore off road enthusiast needing some major pulling power, a SW motor winch is built to handle the toughest of recovery jobs, and even holds up well in adverse weather. Many high performance feature-packed Mile Marker and Warn winches come equipped with SW motors.

On the other hand, the added performance of a SW motor winch typically makes them more expensive, and sometimes requires upgrades to your battery, alternator, or other electrical components in order to achieve its true performance potential.

Electric vs. Hydraulic Winches

Ah, the age-old argument of electric versus hydraulic winches. Really, there’s no sense in getting worked up over which one is better, since both are fine products for getting the job done, and both have their limitations as well.

Electric Winches An electric winch is exactly as its name would suggest: it is electrically powered by a vehicle’s battery, and as a result its duty cycle is limited by the amount of juice in your battery.

Oftentimes, it is wise to run your engine while operating an electric winch to prevent your battery from fully draining. For heavier duty electrics, upgrades to your battery, alternator or other vehicle components may be a good idea as well.

Hydraulic Winches A hydraulic winch is powered by a vehicle’s power steering pump. What this means is that they are capable of an extended, seemingly endless duty cycle for longer pulls and a persistent flow of pulling power.

Particularly for older vehicles, it’s beneficial to make sure that your power steering system is in stable and working order. Check the fluid and change it if necessary, and also test the power steering pressure to ensure that you get maximum performance from your winch.

In Closing

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to winches, and yet everything discussed in this article is still just a small part of what makes up a winch. But after having an idea of what they are all about, now comes the fun part in shopping for one and putting it to use.

Mercedes-benz And Your Safety

Mercedes-benz And Your Safety

Mercedes-benz And Your Safety

Volvo has long been attributed with being the number one automobile manufacturer when it comes to vehicular safety and rightly so. As an inventor of ?crumple zones? and ‘safety cages? to protect passengers, Volvo set the tone for worldwide auto building for the next several generations. Indeed, the auto industry owes much to Volvo’s many safety contributions. Not to be lost in all of this is the work that Mercedes-Benz has been doing to improve passenger safety too. Taking the Volvo concept one step further, Mercedes now incorporates several technological advances with their vehicles in order to provide the safest riding experience available. Let’s take a look at Mercedes? PRE-SAFE system and how it can protect you and your passengers.

I must admit that the first time I heard about Mercedes? new safety system I had thought that it was something that was still years away from becoming available. How wrong I was! The PRE-SAFE system, as it is called, is a terrific way to enhance passenger safety and one that should be adopted by other automakers. Yes, I am sure that it isn’t a cheap system but as it is with so many technological advances the price is bound to drop and the system or something like it will become widely available across the board.

Introduced with select Mercedes models in 2003, the PRE-SAFE system automatically kicks in moments before a collision. All it takes is a panic stop or a skid and the system is set in motion; here is what occupants can expect moments before a crash occurs:

Snug in place. Passenger seat belts automatically tighten to prepare occupants for a crash.

Snug in place, part two. Along with the seat belts, air cushions on the sides of the seats inflate to keep people in position.

Seat movements. Headrests and seats automatically move to predetermined positions that provide optimum protection for occupants.

Close it up. Windows automatically shut to offer the best support for side-curtain air bags and cars equipped with a moon roof will find that it has closed up in the event of a rollover.

Since its introduction, PRE-SAFE has been expanded to additional Mercedes models and the original technology is constantly being tweaked and improved upon.

New technology being developed by Mercedes includes the development of a radar sensor to track vehicles running a red light and slamming into your car. Once this technology has been readied, it will take the PRE-SAFE system one step further and offer occupants one more way to avoid serious injury.

So, is Volvo behind in the development of crash preparation technology? Not a chance. Volvo released its Whiplash Protection Seating System in 2000 that prepares passengers for a rear hit by adjusting the seating position to minimize impact. In addition, the company is working on a radar system that can detect when a driver drifts out of his lane. This feature will also utilize an electronic eye to keep an eye on blind spots not seen through the side mirrors.

Ultimately, a defensive driver is the best driver, but there are times when situations are completely out of your control. Mercedes? PRE-SAFE system is certain to be a big help and is likely to reduce serious injuries and even prevent some deaths. Technology at its best!

Sell Antique Car: Knowing The Value

Sell Antique Car: Knowing The Value

Sell Antique Car: Knowing The Value

Before you sell an antique car it is a good idea to find out its true worth and to also find ways and means that will help you realize maximum value for the car rather than simply selling your car to the first buyer. One way to maximize the value of your antique car is to find out how many other such cars are being put up for sale and to then compare their prices so that you get an idea as to how much your antique car will fetch.

Identify Best Source

You need to also identify the best source for sell antique car and this you can do by staying ahead of the competition by checking out databases of antique cars being put up for sale as too checking out results of previous antique car sales. Furthermore, by checking a database such as the one created by CollectorCarNet you can know which the best venue is for selling an antique car at the highest price.

You can become a member with CollectorCarNet which will then allow you to get valuable insights and also advice regarding preparing your antique car so that when you go out to actually sell your antique car you are well prepared and chances of getting the best price is maximized. You also need to pay special heed to the word ‘Provenance’ when it comes to selling antique car.

This word that means history of ownership of an object can be used when selling antique car to show the authenticity as well as accuracy of the vehicle, its racing history as well as ownership. When you are able to show the maintenance record of your antique care and also records pertaining to its restoration buyers will be more likely to pay a good price for your antique car.

Of course, if your antique car is truly rare then it should not be difficult to realize a good price for it and so a 1966 Serie-2 Ferrari 275 GTB/C would fetch a whopping between four and five million dollars and so with the right provenance you can expect to sell antique car for maximum value.

It certainly pays to know how to sell antique cars online and the good news is that there are numerous options available where you can sell antique cars. With so many sites devoted to this pursuit you need only search online using some of the more popular search engines and you will find a plethora of options where you will find buyers that are searching online to buy antique cars.

Learn Driving and Drive Safe

Learn Driving and Drive Safe

Learn Driving and Drive Safe

Driving is an art, which you cannot learn without an instructor or a guide, who teaches you all about the techniques of driving. A perfect driving lesson should be given to the beginners who are going learn the art of driving. No one else can teach the lessons that are taught at a driving school. Now days, the roads are getting more busy with more number of vehicles on them, so when you are out on the streets with your vehicles, you need to be very careful. You can only drive your vehicle safely because you do not have control on others.

The driving school in Queens i.e. AA Automobile Club Of Long Island Inc. gives you education, trains you as a driver, make you ready for the road test, fixes appointments for the road test and provides the best of courses for defensive. Driving school in queens teach you how to sharpen your skills in driving. When you are on the roads, you do not know the condition of the roads neither do you know the speed of other drivers out there, traffic laws, signals etc.

Being trained from school in queens gives you training that are cost efficient and even helps you in learning the skills of defensive. Instructors here are professionals yet very friendly in behavior. The instructors help you in correcting your mistakes, so that you give a perfect driving test. The school in queens will surely save enough of your precious time and even money. Our institute will provide you learning with latest model of cars so that you are at comfort in knowing the latest technologies. The instructors here at school will answer to any question that you have. The training given here by our instructors will surely make you a safer and better driver in the future.

The institute provides you with fully insured and bonded agreements. They are highly equipped. They will make you aware of all the rules and regulations of the roads and give you special instructions, which will help you understand other drivers with you on the roads. Such training results in preventing many accidents on the roads.

AA automobile club of long island inc. help you in getting the right kind of training before moving out on the streets with your favorite cars. This school makes better drivers and safer roads.

Accessories For Car Drivers

Accessories For Car Drivers

Accessories For Car Drivers

Almost everyone has his own mind of the first time they were legitimately permitted to drive a car. It is a very critical period that offers one an empowered feeling of freedom. There are quite a few excellent techniques to pay back and congratulate the fresh driver that you know. Everybody requires something for his first car regardless how new or aged it is. From extremely affordable to more professional, there is no shortage to the points you can offer as a present to a new car owner.

A beautiful license plate frame makes a good gift and it is quite low in price. For twenty dollars or less you can certainly get a truly nice license plate frame. From Disney figures to luxury chrome trim, license plate frames comes in a range of styles. You can even find some with letters that allows you to make your own custom phrase. You can get this gift to a different level by using a custom license plate manufactured for them with a word or saying of their selection.

Every new driver should have a roadside emergency kit in his car all the time. Stock it with booster cables, flashlights and flares. Other fantastic safety objects include such things as blankets, first aid kits or candles. There is no end to safety items that you can certainly allow a new driver to increase their peace of mind. Cover up all of the bases to ensure that they can head off correctly with little problems, particularly new drivers that are young adults. A back up camera may possibly make a nice present and it encourages safe driving. It can be fitted on the rear of the vehicle near the license plate to make sure that the driver can notice if anything is behind the vehicle. It’s fantastic for those little points that you may not have the capacity to see with your mirrors only.

An iPod or cell phone holder also prevents new drivers from making the mistake of looking around in pockets to seek out the item. If you select a gift like this, make certain it enables for as much hands free action as possible. Although it may come as a astonish to some, there are mini refrigerators available for cars. They are quite small and frequently plug into the power outlet in the car. They can often hold up six cans of sodas and also make a wonderful place to store lunches. It’s certainly a special idea for a gift. As far as comfort goes, a remote vehicle starter is also a present that happens to be well obtained by most people. It is a high-class that is valued the first time it’s employed.

Audi Cmo Talks About ‘sense? And ‘soul?

Audi Cmo Talks About ‘sense? And ‘soul?

Audi Cmo Talks About ‘sense? And ‘soul?

Audi has started to set their sight on expanding their popularity in the United States luxury car market. In order for Audi of America to expand their success in the U.S., Johan de Nysschen, the Executive Vice President of Audi of America, appointed Scott Keogh as the Chief Marketing Officer last year.

Keogh, at a young age of 37 has already held various positions in Mercedes-Benz before jumping ship to join the other German car maker. Keogh recently talked with the AIADA Contributing Editor Marty Bernstein about his vision for the surging German brand.

When asked about how their company can grow in the United States, he pointed out two things that are essential to achieve the said feat. According to Keogh, he calls the first factor ‘sense? and the other one he calls ‘soul?. With regards to ‘sense?, Keogh has this to say: ?In the sense quotient are elements of safety, value, quality, residual value. So, people will say, ?I trust this brand, it makes sense?. As far as ‘soul? is concerned, he stated that it is about ?performance, sexiness, the cool factor and the emotion the car inspires.?

Keogh stated that through the years, their company has focused on the ‘sense? area. He cited that the high residual value of their cars as an example of their achievements in the ‘sense? area. He added that ?Consumer Reports just recommended four of our cars for the first time ever; we?ve just had the highest CSI scores we?ve ever had; NHTSA just gave the A6 the award for the safest large car on the road? as part of their achievements. He also further said that their 100 exclusive dealers are an essential part of their recent success. Approximately 270 dealerships in the U.S. are selling Audi vehicles. He added that they still want to increase the number of their dedicated dealerships to increase sales. Increasing the number of dealerships means that they will cover more area, making them more accessible to car buyers.

As far as ‘soul? is concerned, Keogh has this to say: ?Audi has always been the very polite, reserved gentleman at a cocktail party who is holding a very interesting, informative and endearing conversation with someone. Now, we want to get our shoulders back, get out there and express ourselves.? To help them get that message out to the public, Keogh set out to find a new ad agency.

He has this to say about their selection of the new ad agencies: ?My colleague, Stephen Berkov and I went around to a number of agencies and we picked four. We were confident in our selection and felt no need to cast a wider review net. We held the conversations we needed to hold and knew these four were going to give us what we needed.?

The four ad agencies picked out by the duo which is consisted of BBH, Fallon, McKinney, and Venables, Bell & Partners. These four agencies will be charged with the popularizing the Audi brand in the U.S., as popular as EBC rotors to automotive enthusiasts.

Help Your Drivers Become Better And Proactive Drivers With Distracted

Help Your Drivers Become Better And Proactive Drivers With Distracted Driving Training

Before we delve into the topic of why and how distracted driving training can help your drivers become better and more proactive drivers, let’s have a quick overview of the perils associated with distracted driving.

Perils of distracted driving

Losing focus on the road and getting distracted while driving can be extremely perilous for your fleet driver or 15-passenger van driver. A distracted driver is risking the lives of many people, not to mention property damage including the vehicle and cargo. It is shocking to learn that thousands of accidents take place every year due to distracted driving. This is especially unfortunate, since the problem of distracted driving is preventable. There are many distractions a driver faces in the course of a journey, both inside and outside the vehicle. With the help of suitable training, fleet drivers can become safer, better drivers on the road.

Distracted Driving Training- Reduce Risks and Liabilities while Enhancing Reputation

Besides helping your drivers become better and more proactive on the road, there are many benefits associated with Distracted Driving training. A proactive driver can help enhance your company’s image and reputation in the market by driving more professionally. Remember, your vehicles are like traveling billboards and nothing can damage your reputation more than an irresponsible driver. Proactive drivers reduce risks and, in turn, liabilities by ensuring they are focused on the task at hand – safe driving. The proper training can turn your drivers into indispensable assets for your organization, saving unnecessary costs that result from a motor vehicle crash.

A Step towards More Responsible Driving

There are plenty of resources, such as Drivefleet, available nowadays to help your drivers train to be more proactive. Online training courses such as the Distracted Driver Training course or the drowsy driver training courses provided by Drivefleet can help your drivers learn about proactive driving in an engaging and stimulating environment. With the aid of interactive multimedia and informative course materials, the student can learn about important concepts of safe driving and the best practices to follow on the road. Some of the typical areas that are covered include intersections and right-of-ways, driving in adverse weather conditions, increasing alertness, being considerate to others you share the road with, driving economically, and becoming a proactive driver.

So, if you want your drivers to be safer while minimizing risks, costs and liabilities for your company, distracted driving training can help you get there. Visit to learn more about driving training courses available online.

The Point System for Traffic Tickets

The Point System for Traffic Tickets

The Point System for Traffic Tickets

While driving in Las Vegas you must pay attention towards the traffic rules otherwise you will land up into great trouble. Getting a number of traffic tickets due to bad driving you might end up losing your driving license or even experience a hike in your insurance premium. Las Vegas traffic school can help you deal with such situations and avoid them in future. However you will also face problems in getting jobs at reputed companies which will check your driving license and traffic record prior appointment. Getting a traffic ticket is more like a nightmare than anything else.

If a person is issued a traffic ticket then he will obtain a point which will be recorded into his traffic record. These points will get added up every time you get a traffic ticket. The points may depend upon the severity of disobedience of traffic rules. They range from 1-10 according to the speed limit. Although you are in trouble by getting these points but you can overcome it by the help of traffic schools. Every time your points reach to 3 you will be notified by the traffic authority of Nevada. You might lose your license or get suspended from driving for about 6 months of duration. Apart from these consequences the insurance company will also increase your premium amount or even cancel the insurance policy to proceed further.

The things that you must not commit while fighting the case of speed tickets are:

Never try to fight your case on your own. It will only result in a loss as the judge will pay more heed towards the witness of police officer. You cannot simply win it by saying that you have not done it. Indeed you will have to pay full fine and will get points on losing the case to traffic police. It is the worst that can happen to you.Always hire a reliable and expert lawyer who is capable of handling such cases with ease. A layer will be of great use while fighting against speed ticket. He will prepare your case with proper documentation and witnesses to ensure your win.Joining a traffic school is also a good idea. It will help to avoid the traffic points but if you miss the school a single you will surely get the your lawyer to fix the ticket. A professional attorney has ability to make your fine less and also reduce the points. As the person is well aware of the magistrates and judges of the court therefore he will help in getting no points by his goodwill.

There are some limitations related to lawyers that they are sometimes very expensive to hire. Some lawyers charge such huge fee that they cost more than the speeding ticket. But money does not matter as much the points do. You cannot afford to get traffic points in your record as it can cause many hurdles in your future. Make sure to choose a right candidate for your case.

Custom Car Covers: Cool Selection Of Choices

Custom Car Covers: Cool Selection Of Choices

Custom Car Covers: Cool Selection Of Choices

Car covers are one of the most important accessories that every car owner must have. Since cars are exposed to varieties of manmade and natural hazards, it’s crucial that the car covers you get are effective. It’s when the need of custom car covers occurs.

Custom car covers are of great use when it comes to prevent hazards. There is a wide section of quality car covers available in the market. Different situations pose different challenges. Therefore, you need to get car covers depending on the environment and weather conditions you store your vehicle in.

Before you select particular car covers, you need to ascertain the specific needs and situations you have. For instance, if you are planning to store your car outside under direct sun, the Silverguard car covers are the best. On the other hand, in order to protect your car against storms, getting Stormproof car covers is probably the most effective.

Besides these car covers, there are several other quality car covers also available. You can select from the most reliable car covers that include Stretch Satin car covers, Autobody car covers, Mosom Plus car covers, Triguard car covers among others.

With custom car covers you have the luxury to select the best by color, patterns, design and material used. The affordable car covers are also available for most of the car models and makes. You can get car covers for your BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, Acura, or any other car brand.

For an optimum protection, before you zero-in on a particular car covers, make sure that you get the product that is made of greater material. The material used should have excellent water resistance and breathability to prevent rust damage. It must be strong enough for durability. Better colorfastness, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and use friendliness are other qualities the car covers you get must have. Consider these aspects and your car is secured.

Auto Parts Online Blog Keeping Up With The Latest

Auto Parts Online Blog Keeping Up With The Latest

Auto Parts Online Blog Keeping Up With The Latest

As the old adage goes, ‘there is nothing permanent in this world but change.? And yes, it is very much true. Oftentimes, when there is a time to take the leap and make a change, it is a very risky decision for one simple reason. Changing could actually cause something to rise to success or it could also be the cause of its downfall. Many people, companies, and businesses have tried that out as part of their strategies and it would be interesting to note that they are actually living testimonials of dealing with change.

To deal and keep up with the various changes going on in the globe as well in the automobile and car world, Auto Parts Online continuously keeps itself updated. By doing such, this online store and company is able to bring up to date its categories of auto parts and accessories.

Auto Parts Online is one of the leading suppliers of automobile parts and car accessories on the Internet. It has been in service and in existence for more than twenty five years. It holds a wide collection of parts that include hard to find auto parts and truck parts. Aside from providing easy access and an easier shopping experience for customers and vehicle owners, Auto Parts Online also provides important trivia, tidbits, and facts regarding various vehicles, cars, and auto parts.

To add up and support this online store’s function of providing information, it has launched a blog that would provide customers, visitors, enthusiasts, aficionados, and guests further and in depth news and ideas on the realm of vehicles, cars, and automobiles. Any new broadcasts in their line of field and business would be posted and updated on the Auto Parts Online Blog. Further awareness and information would be the main function that this online blog would serve and adhere to. Any breakthroughs, news, events, or recalls would also be posted. As long as something is noteworthy, you could be sure that you would be able to read it from the Auto Parts Online Blog.

One of the latest news you can find at theAuto Parts Online Blog is about a new way for drivers of any kind of automobile or car to communicate with each, not just through honking their horns, flicking on their light signals, or the very seldom use of hand and arm gestures. The latest news that has reached the Auto Parts Online Blog is that there has been a revolutionary and innovative design and creation that would give drivers the chance to communicate with each other not just through signals and signs but with words as well. This would be done so through the use of innovative LED displays. To find out more, interested parties and individuals can simply access the Auto Parts Online Blog.

Auto Parts Online remains committed to delivering superior and up to date auto parts for different vehicle types and brands. And just like that, the Auto Parts Online Blog will also continue on keeping up with its commitment in delivering worthy and up to date news and features regarding anything and everything in and about the world of automobiles.