Teaching About the New EU Tire Labelling System on Driving

Teaching About the New EU Tire Labelling System on Driving

Teaching About the New EU Tire Labelling System on Driving Lessons

The number system molded onto the side wall tire can seem quite complicated and not many drivers fully understand it. Reading from left to right after the manufacturers name we have the letter P meaning passenger tire followed by the width of the tire in millimeters and the ratio of height to width. This is quite technical information and not much use to drivers or for teaching purposes as it would just come across as irrelevant and lead to learners switching off and wondering what the instructor is talking about . The following letter describes whether the tire is radial or cross ply. The letter R means radial and if this letter is omitted then it is cross ply. This is good to know as there are differences between the two regarding the flexibility of the tire walls, radial are much more flexible than cross ply. They should not be mixed on the same axle, though the vast majority of tires for cars are radial so there is much less danger of this happening nowadays. The next set of numbers relate to the top speed and maximum load of the tire followed by the M+S mud and snow markings.

Winter driving conditions are becoming more severe in the UK with heavy snowfall a common feature. This last piece of tire information is good to share with pupils as the sale of snow tires increases with stocks running low at tire dealers. Driving Instructors may need to take snow tires into account if they wish to continue regular lessons during snowy or icy conditions. Tests will inevitably be cancelled but instructors can use the adverse weather as an opportunity to teach if they have the correct tires fitted.

The new EU tire labeling regulations make things much clearer for the consumer. Instead of just the technical information on the tire wall the new label give more useful information on fuel efficiency, wet weather capability and external noise level which is worth teaching on driving lessons. Fuel efficiency and wet weather capability are both rated on a scale of A to G with A being the optimum. This allows motorists to choose a tire which may cost more at the point of purchase but may save money in the long run and help the environment. Safety can also be considered by taking into account the wet weather rating. An A rated tire will stop a lot quicker in the wet than a G rated tire. The final measurement gives the external noise level and how it compare with future noise level regulations. The more waves on the diagram, the noisier the tire.

Driving Instructors could easily incorporate this new information into the show me tell me questions required for the driving test. It would add interest to the question session as it is genuinely useful information they probably would not hear if learning with family and friends. It is up to driving instructors as professionals to keep up to date with the latest driver knowledge and deliver it in lessons as part of teaching safer driving for life.

Corporate Driving Training at Onroad in Sydney

Corporate Driving Training at Onroad in Sydney

Corporate Driving Training at Onroad in Sydney

Onroad Corporate Training is designed to enable clients to practice safe and defensive driving so drive with care and moreover, perform their duty towards their employers well. Our target group is Fleet Owners and also Corporate and Business Groups. Our course is tailor made and is well-suited for your business needs and well as for your employees. It imparts advanced driver training. This type of driving is also known as ‘Low Risk Driving’. We impart the course, that is absolutely safe and with minimal jerks and crashes.

So why should you join our Corporate training programme? Well, here are many reasons:- Cost effective programmes- Available across Australia, you can join at a school convenient to you- You can attend this individually as well as in a group- Our occupational road risk management lesson gives you the right skill and attitude for smart driving- Managers get the right knowledge and practical experience. They in turn become equipped to impart the same to their people, assess their performance, give reviews and suggest areas of improvement.- You get continuous feedback, and are always encouraged towards safe driving- Learn to manage emergency situations- Develop critical thinking so that you can indentify risks and develop hazard perception- You master the art of safe driving.

Moreover, we will be glad to offer the training at the location suitable to you, specifically in your business roads. We are always eager to impart customized training to our clients in a practical and enjoyable manner. The best part is our training is applicable to all drivers in all types of vehicles.After all, the importance of safe driving cannot be emphasized enough. It is not only important that you drive safe when on duty, but off duty too. No matter where you stand with respect to your driving skills, our Fleet Safety programmes, through our practical sessions ensure that you get a feel of all the challenges that may come your way, will make you competent drivers in all Onroadwith us and enjoy our Corporate Training with fun and enthusiasm!

onroad is sydney’s award winning driving school helps to promote safe driving.

Bus Driving Schools are Today’s Need

Bus Driving Schools are Today’s Need

Bus Driving Schools are Today’s Need

Are you presently thinking about learning to drive at Enas Bus Driving Schools? If you prefer a tiny additional convincing listed below are ten persuasive main reasons why it’s a wise decision.

Hopefully, you’re now ready to start learning. All you need to do now is find a driving school in your area. For instance, you may want to find Enas Bus driving schools. If so, the best place to begin your search is by using a

Enas Driving School is a local business directory that can help you find everything from old School buses to latest Buses or any kind of vehicles.

All About Car Driving Training

All About Car Driving Training

All About Car Driving Training

Car driving is considered among one the most necessary task. Learning driving can make your life bit simpler. Cars and automobiles today have become very necessary for our daily utility. Earlier it was considered as a product of luxury which has changed to product of necessity; it is because of growing standard of living, and demand of conveniences, today moving out of home is not possible if we don’t have a car at our door steps.

Whether we are going for shopping, vacation, work or going out with family we require a car to drive in. This part of convenience has become so important that we can see restaurants and hotels being converting into drive ins. Cars being also believe to be childhood dream for some kids. To drive a car it is necessary to learn driving car. It is necessary to carry drivers license as you drive car to any city road. Also there are a number of regulations and rules to be followed before you take any automobile to streets. These regulations are varies from country to country however they are somewhat similar altogether. If you are about to Learn driving, you have passed the legal age which is been asked be the government of the city best suggested to go for professional help, you will find a number of high-tech driving schools in Brisbane and Logan. Now next thing to consider is which training school to choose among all. In the market you will find most of the training school to projecting themselves as best in the market, but the one actually best is whose services are being preferred the most in the market.

Driving school Brisbane south offers quality driving lessons for its customers together with assistance in pre and post driver license. Learning car with professional and top training institute gives you opportunity to test your initial skills on stimulator at first session as it is safe and easy way of understandings the driving environment. The technology help you feel like you are in an actual automotive driven by you. This stimulator module is available with only high tech institute. Further moving in the lessons after passing the assessment tests Logan driving school offers home pick drop facility for its students for on road driving lessons. Here comes the actual training where students has to follow the instruction of the expert seating next to them in a actual automobile facing the real road situations. After completion of the course students have to qualify a driving test to get driving license. After which you can freely drive to your office, go shopping, visit friends and family.

How to Replace a Lost Driving Licence

How to Replace a Lost Driving Licence

How to Replace a Lost Driving Licence

Unfortunately, if you are lose your driving licence then there are certain procedures that you will have to go through and get a replacement document. It is very necessary to replace your lost driving licence as early as you can. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have several ways that you can use to replace a lost driving licence. You can replace it online, over the telephone or by post.

Replacing a lost driving licence Online:

You can replace your license by using online services. Applying online is the most convenient way to replace a lost driving document. In order to apply online you will have to set up a user account. You must pay 20.00 by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta debit or credit card. If you order online, you will get your replacement permit within ten business days.

You can replace your driving licence online if you:

– If you have lost your licence or it has been stolen or destroyed – You are a resident of Great Britain – You can fulfill the minimum eyesight requirement – are currently not prevented from driving for any reason – You have a valid UK passport or another identity proof – You can provide previous addresses details

The DVLA will check your documents and after verified your documents, and then sent the replacement. You will not apply online if your name has changed. Therefore you first to use D1 application form to apply for your name change and post it. If you want to renew your photo on your licence, you must provide a UK passport issued within the last five years.

Apply by phone:

You can apply by phone to replace your photocard driving licence, if your details have not changed. Driving licence replacement fee is 20.00 and DVLA accept MasterCard, Visa or Eurocard credit or debit cards. The DVLA telephone number is 0300 790 6801 and lines are open in Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 7.00 pm; Saturday 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. You can’t apply by phone if you have you are a paper licence holder or your photo is due to expire or has expired.

Apply by post:

You can apply for replacement by post. For this, you will fill D1 application for a driving licence form available on DVLA or post office branches. Application and Fee sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AB

If you have a paper driving licence, you can apply by post. You will need to Fill D1 driving license application form available from DVLA ordering service or post office branches. You need to enclose original documents to confirm your identity, a passport size photo and sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AB or or DVLA local offices or use the premium checking service at selected Post Office branches. If your documents have been defected then your paper licence not replaces.

How To Fight Driving Phobia?

How To Fight Driving Phobia?

How To Fight Driving Phobia?

Driving phobia is basically the fear of driving that arises because of an accident or a bad experience that conditions the brain to identify driving with impending danger. Many people suffer from such driving fear and as a result, they become incapable of driving and have to depend on others to drive them to work and to other places.

Disadvantages Of Driving Phobia

If a person attempts to drive when his brain is conditioned to anticipate danger, it releases certain hormones triggering a response that is designed for a survival mode. Although such a response might be desirable in other circumstances, it is certainly not required when a person is driving because the body will experience different levels of anxiety conditions.

The other symptoms of driving phobia are shaking, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, hearing and sight impairment, fast breathing and feeling lightheaded. Driving under such conditions can endanger the lives of the driver as well as of other people. If a person suffers from driving phobia, he will be at a great disadvantage because his movements will be restricted. Moreover, the person will experience loss of self-confidence that will prevent him from progressing in life.

Treatment Of Driving Phobia

In order to get over such a situation, it is essential to undergo therapy or take a self-help program. Many programs are available online but the affected person should browse different websites and choose the one that seems to be reliable and appealing to him.

The main aim of any therapy or self help program is to re-orient the brain to disassociate it from driving anxiety and to retrain it to associate

enjoyment with driving. Moreover, in order to reduce any type of driving fear and to reduce a rapid heartbeat, the person can ask his friend to accompany him and help him to keep calm, do some breathing exercises and enjoy his favorite music to soothe him while driving.

It is essential that immediate action should be taken to treat driving phobia because it can become worse if it is left untreated for long.

Moreover, the affected person might become permanently incapable of driving and this can be quite a disadvantage. As such, it is essential that certain online programs are adopted that will involve behavioral and mental conditioning. Although certain drugs and medication might be able to control physical symptoms to some extent, they cannot cure the phobia.

The ideal remedy is to undergo behavioral and mental conditioning that will identify the situations that cause the phobia and then subject the phobia to those conditions. The brain will be made to go through the fear without being able to get away from the situation. In this way, it will get more accustomed to the fear of those situations and when the person faces them again in real life, he will have gotten used to them and become capable of facing them.

All that is needed to achieve success in getting rid of driving phobia is to adopt a suitable online program and show some determination and courage. Driving phobia is not something that cannot be treated because with the right program, it can be cured permanently. It is merely a mental state that is not permanent and it only needs to be corrected for which the person has to use his will power.

Driving Tips During Winter

Driving Tips During Winter

Driving Tips During Winter

One would think what difference change of temperature could make when driving a vehicle. After all, a vehicle is a vehicle. It is a machine and machines don’t catch cold. Hold on there! Yes, the vehicles do catch cold. You need to tune up your vehicle for winter. During winters the fuel is cold and does not ignite easily. Winters are so unpredictable. Some important tips in the winters are :

The first thing you need to do in the morning when you are about to take your vehicle out for driving is to put the heater on for some time. Now, when you put the ignition on, the vehicle does not take much time to start.

Second check your tires and, if necessary, clean the tread on them. And if it has been snowing it would be best if you change all season tires and put on tires made especially for snow driving. This will make your driving safe on snow-laden roads. Test the air pressure.

Third check-up should be of the head lights. Clean the headlights properly and make sure that the windows are absolutely clear. During the cold nights they may have become foggy. check the wipers blades, that they are working or not? Battery should be fully charged.

Forth keep your gas tank or fuel tank full. Use defroster. Use special winter tires

Finally, when you drive the vehicle keep the speed slower than you normally like to keep, because of moist roads and keep the head lights on with low beam. Make sure that you have full visibility on the road. Always use seat belt whenever you get into the vehicle. Turn smoothly in the direction wherever you want.

Don’t try to drive too enthusiastically. It is better to drive defensively. Keep the winter survival kit, with candles, matches, sleeping bags (or blankets), first aid kit, pocket knife, energy snacks and also dark colored clothes with you to use as a flag, if you trapped in such a situation. Avoid sudden breaks on the slippery surface because that is the cause of skidding. In the challenging season always listen to the radio to get for weather updates. Never ever assume that your vehicle can handles all the conditions. Don’t overtake anyone. Four wheelers can also skid in the challenging weather. Don’t take off your foot from the break.

The distance between your vehicle and the other vehicle in front of you should be enough for you to be able to stop your vehicle without colliding with the front vehicle if the vehicle in front of you suddenly comes to a stop. Be alert while driving. Take blanket, food, water with you in emergency. If you get stuck in the vehicle then stay in the vehicle and wait for the help but don’t come out from the car. Don’t stay in one position keep your body warm, like roll your arms.

If there is snow removing equipment on work make sure that you keep at least a 10 meter distance from such equipment.

Keep yourself updated about the weather conditions by listening to the local radio station for weather and traffic updates.

Choosing The Best Texas Defensive Driving Online School For You

Choosing The Best Texas Defensive Driving Online School For You

Choosing The Best Texas Defensive Driving Online School For You

According to the National Motorists Association, Texas is the 4th state most likely to issue speeding tickets to its drivers. With the Lone Star State at the top of the list, it’s no wonder why Texas defensive driving online schools are so popular. With so many to choose from though, how do you know which one to pick? When choosing to purchase anything, your answer will depend on a number of factors: cost effectiveness, convenience, etc. The truth is that the defensive driving online Texas school you choose will possess a combination of these things.

Credentials to Look For

When choosing the best online defensive driving course in Texas, it’s vital to make sure that the online school is equipped with the proper credentials. The first thing you ought to look into is whether or not they are approved by the Texas Education Agency, which verifies they are accepted by all Texas courts to dismiss traffic tickets and by most insurance companies for insurance discounts. The last thing you want to do is complete your driving course, only to find out that you’ve gone through an illegitimate school-talk about a time waster!

All in all, checking if they’re “official” is key. As with any business, it’s also important to make sure that the Texas online defensive driving school in question is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This is definitely another good legitimacy checker that will keep you safe, rather than sorry.

Look at the Cost

Because there are so many Texas defensive driving online schools, it’s best not to simply choose the first one that comes up in your search engine. Instead, shop around for the best price. An affordable defensive driving online course in Texas will be $25.00, since that is the lowest price allowed by Law, so it’s probably best not to choose a course that’s more expensive than that (all other things in place, of course).

It’s All About Convenience

In the Internet age, people are becoming more and more accustomed to staying home, and getting things accomplished on their computers and mobile devices. And online defensive driving courses fall directly into that category. According to Texas law, a driving course must be 6 hours in length. This is a long time, but the best online defensive driving schools allow you the ability to log in and out of your course at your leisure, until you’ve completed it. How’s that for convenience?

Quality Customer Service

One of the downsides of an online defensive driving course is that, for the most part, you’re on your own to figure things out. You don’t have the benefit of face-to-face contact with a knowledgeable driving instructor. However, this is where good customer service comes in. Good defensive driving online Texas schools will have highly trained and qualified customer service representatives, standing by to answer any questions you might have about the defensive driving course. Some driving schools even have 24-hour, 7 days a week customer service reps. This is definitely an added bonus for your convenience.

Look Now!

If you need to take defensive driving, don’t go sit in a class all Saturday with a bunch of strangers. Search for defensive driving online Texas schools now!

Follow The Safety Tips to Enjoy Joyful Roadside Driving

Follow The Safety Tips to Enjoy Joyful Roadside Driving

Follow The Safety Tips to Enjoy Joyful Roadside Driving

Since the world has become extremely populous, so the safety on the road also poses to be the much talked issue these days. With the increased vehicles on the road, it becomes completely difficult for the pedestrians and cyclist to move freely and comfortably.

Highways are known to be one of the major junctions of untoward accidents and mishaps these days. The reason being is that people drive carelessly without following the adequate traffic rules and regulations prescribed by the authorities.

These days’ people drive recklessly over the road and results to fatal accidents. Therefore it is very important that we must pay full attention while driving on the road not only to us but to the surrounding as well. Make sure you strictly abide by the safety rules when driving on the road for safety reasons.

These rules and regulations simply protect us from road hazards. The major being is, wearing the seatbelts, proper working of the car or vehicle’s headlight, driving within the speed limits, carrying all the requisite paper of the vehicles, tool kit and emergency first aid kit, etc.

It does not matter whether you drive on the city or country side road, you must follow the safety road signs undoubtedly. Basically, the major signs you become familiar over the roadside usually helps in alerting you with the untoward dangers of the road conditions or so.

In order to enjoy the happy and safe journey with your dear one’s you must go through certain driving tips such as ensure to keep extra time in hand while driving. This means always try to move out from home 15 minutes earlier to avoid haphazard driving. Next thing which you need to take into consideration is that never ever drive the car or vehicle when you are not feeling well or tired, especially for the long trips.

Yet another safety tip you need to keep in mind while driving is to avoid making use of cell phones. In case it is really important for you to use cell phone, then try to use it with Bluetooth device or ear phones. But in ultimate avoid using it at the time of major tip that you need to follow is never mix drink with driving as it could possibly lead to untoward happening over the road. Do not drive when you are drunk, whatever may be the situation is.

Last but not the least tip for driving is to be attentive and neutral driver, who drives keeping in mind the requisite speed limits of the vehicles. Besides this ensure to have full awareness the various roadside signals and signs such as reflective traffic signs and Crowd Control Barriers that are being installed for your safety and protection.

A Few Tips on Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving

A Few Tips on Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving

A Few Tips on Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving

Whether you are a professional HGV driver or you are a student enrolled in an HGV training course, here are a few points you may wish to take a look at for better driving techniques.

It is best to keep your vehicle at its lowest possible engine speed. This does not mean that you drive at 20-40 km/h all the time. Engine speed means using a maximum possible gear and observing the tachometer to make sure that the needle is within the green band at all times. Always keep in mind, the higher the gear, the lower the engine revs. Also, if your vehicle has an engine exhaust brake fitted in it, make full use of it at all possible times. This will save the main brakes for times when they are much needed and will also reduce driver fatigue and fuel consumption.

Furthermore, if you continuously double-declutch on a synchromesh gearbox, you will consume more fuel, increase the wear and tear of the gearbox and increase driver fatigue. Therefore HGV training lectures always advice to avoid double-declutching as much as possible. Another important tip is to avoid using every single gear in the gear box. When shifting gears, always try to make use of forward shifting techniques. In vehicles that have a splitter gearbox, use that to your maximum benefit. Adapting to these techniques will reduce fuel consumption, driver fatigue and will give you an optimum speed and journey time.

Class 2 training also encourages drivers to avoid filling fuel tanks up to the brim and to be there at all times when a tank is being filled. This will reduce accidents as well as spillage of fuel. Also, at the end of every shift, drivers are told to perform a safety check and report any defects to the relevant authorities. This will make us all feel comfortable of having safer vehicles on the roads. Drivers are also taught to check tyre pressures. If pressure in a tyre is incorrect, wear and tear of the tyre will increase and as a result jeopardize safety. Another advice with regard to speed, brakes and gear shifting is to use cruise control wherever practical and safe. Engine and driveline wear will be reduced, drivers will get less tired, and fuel consumption is much less.