Honda Ridgeline: The Truck That Works

Honda Ridgeline: The Truck That Works

Honda Ridgeline: The Truck That Works

Of course, most vehicles that are produced and manufactured around the globe work well. However, upon meeting the Honda Ridgeline, the views have changed and people have started proclaiming this vehicle as the truck that actually works. This is based on the premise that most of the trucks that roam the streets and country roads are built to perform. However, these trucks are not very much capable of doing all types of work and have not been specifically built to take in various types of cargo without much hassle. This missing link has already been created and it comes in the form of the Honda Ridgeline.

What the new Honda Ridgeline has are the essentials that a truck must have. It could do rough road duties that just shows off just how durable this vehicle could be. It is constructed with a certain rigidity so as to withstand the various pressures of being a truck. Its cargo room is quite plentiful and it is entirely versatile so much so that any kind of cargo could be loaded and transported using the Honda Ridgeline. Honda prides itself for the Honda Ridgeline for they have been able to create and design a truck that is the very first and at present the only pick up truck that has received the government crash rating test of five stars for frontal impact tests as well as for side impact tests. This mainly proves that the truck is not only excellent in its duties and responsibilities but it also is outstanding when it comes to providing safety for its passengers which is very important. The chances of this truck doing a rollover are also minute as tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

5000 pounds is the Honda Ridgeline’s towing capacity. Its payload capacity reaches some 1550 pounds. The power comes from a very efficient V6 engine that produces 247 units of horsepower. Agile, efficient, and durable are just a few of the adjectives that describes this remarkable truck.

Truck Bed Carpet — 7 Ways Better

Truck Bed Carpet — 7 Ways Better

Truck Bed Carpet — 7 Ways Better

Your truck bed needs some kind of protection if you haul most anything. One option that works best in several ways is truck bed carpet. A spray on bed liner does many things well, but a carpet liner is better for the way many people use a truck. Here are 7 ways carpet works better…

1. Soft.

Take furniture for example. Hauling a piece of fine furniture works much better on carpet. The soft touch and smooth surface protects better than most other liners.

2. Weatherproof.

That’s not to say carpet liners aren’t tough too. Marine grade carpet can stand most any weather extreme with zero damage. Plus, then it dries fast and there’s no chance of scratching the bed paint underneath either.

3. Dent protection.

Carpet includes a padding. That way the impact of stuff on the truck bed is absorbed by the liner and not by the truck. That’s what you want. The liner takes the licking and not the truck.

4. No skid.

Cargo stays in place since carpet isn’t slick. That’s important when moving appliances and even boxes and things like that. That’s even a safety plus too.

5. For tonneaus and caps.

Carpet liners are especially right for use under a tonneau cover or a bed cap. It’s a way to really finish off a truck bed that’s covered.

6. Easy to clean.

Spray off the liner and you’re ready to go. Look, for really grimy cargo, choose a rubber bed mat or something else. But for normal use, a carpet liner is easy to maintain and easy to clean.

7. Cheap online.

See you can get a better selection online than you can locally and you get a discount on the price too. Sometimes you can even find free shipping as well.

Carpet bed liners are better for the way many people use a truck, maybe that includes you. Some models of liners, like the BedRug, are actually well known because of their many features.