1977 To 1979: The Years Of The Lincoln Mark V

1977 To 1979: The Years Of The Lincoln Mark V

1977 To 1979: The Years Of The Lincoln Mark V

From the year 1977 and up until the year 1979, the Lincoln Mark V was sold by Lincoln, the luxury division of the Ford Motor Company. The Lincoln Mark V was sold and marketed as a large coupe. It was only during the mentioned model years did the Lincoln Mark V have the opportunity to roam the streets.

Looking at it, the Lincoln Mark V was just like the previous Lincoln Mark IV, only this time it held a coupe of refinements and received a couple of restyling. The previous vehicle sported a rounded design. The Lincoln Mark V now was built and constructed to be more square and was sharper when it came to its edges. This was perhaps due to the fact that during that time, the sharp edged look was the in thing in the automobile world. Also, instead of the 460 cubic inch Ford 385 engine, the Lincoln Mark V was equipped with the Ford 400 cubic inch small block engine. The vehicle was also crafted to be much more angular, longer, and pretty much lower than its predecessors. It was given more trunk space and was much lighter compared to the Lincoln Mark IV. In fact, it only weight 4,650 pounds which was some 500 pounds lighter. It was crafted on a wheelbase that measured some 120 inches. With that, the car was then completed to be much longer. It was stretched to 230 inches. In short, the Lincoln Mark V was a reskinned Lincoln Mark IV.

However, this vehicle had its own drawbacks, thus the very reason why it existed for such a short period of time. In 1978, it was tested by Auto Motor Und Sport which was Germany’s leading car magazine. When the results came out, the magazine found out that the Lincoln Mark V had an average mile per gallon of not more than 7. Even up to this day, this vehicle still holds the Auto Motor Und Sport record for being the least fuel efficient vehicle. This actually brought the Ford Motor Company very close at violating the Corporate Average Fuel Economy laws during that period.

People who were interested in purchasing the said vehicle would have to have at least $11,396 so as to be able to own one. Aside from this, the Lincoln Mark V’s customers and patrons were given options like a couple of trim levels for choices. Also, this line of vehicles was given to a couple of designers. These designers ? Givenchy, Bill Blass, Cartier, and Pucci ? were given the chance to personally design these vehicles.

Celebrating 60 Years in Style

Celebrating 60 Years in Style

Celebrating 60 Years in Style

Even after 60 years, the Toyota Land Cruiser is still going strong and better than ever. The legendary 4×4 remains one of the toughest machines on four wheels by conquering the Arctic wastes, travelling through deserts, ploughing its way through tropical rain forests and generally taken the worst the world can throw at it. Toyota is launching a new top-of-the-range 60th Anniversary version of both its standard five-door Toyota Land Cruiser and the flagship Toyota Land Cruiser V8 as it reaches this landmark. Both have the same robust construction and sophisticated array of driving and control systems for exceptional on and off-road performance. The new Toyota Land Cruiser 60th Anniversary version positions itself at the top of the model range for 2011, extra features include:

* Triple-zone climate control air conditioning

* 18-inch alloys/ Chrome exhaust finisher

* Dusk-sensing headlight/ Rain-sensing wipers

* Front and rear parking sensors/Rear parking monitor HDD navigation system/ Crawl Control

Adaptive Variable Suspension/Active height control

* Leather upholstery/60th Anniversary badging The new Toyota Land Cruiser V8 60th Anniversary delivers an impressive package of performance and comfort, features include:

* Pre-Crash Safety system (PCS)

* Multi-terrain AB

* 40Gb HDD full-map satellite navigation with Bluetooth

* Four-zone climate control air conditioning

* 20in Alloy wheels

Full black leather upholstery I am really looking forward to the new 4x4s being launched this year, I just hope my local Toyota dealers in Northern Ireland will have them, as I would like to see it in person. I can only dream of buying it, it’s far too expensive for me, the Toyota Land Cruiser 60th Anniversary is priced at 49,950 and the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 60th Anniversary is 61,950.